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The growth of branches and leaves and fruit setting are concentrated in the first half of the growing season(3 gallon nursery pots). Flower bud differentiation is mostly completed within a short period of time after fruit harvest. Chinese cherries are about 50 days from flowering to harvesting, and sweet cherries are about 60 days(1.5 gallon pots). In the cultivation of Magnolia, many flower farmers report that Magnolia seedlings are not easy to cultivate.

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To this end, according to the characteristics of the cherries, early fertilization and grasping of base fertilizer, flower fertilizer and post-fruit fertilizer are required(1020 trays). In general, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer should be less phosphorus and potassium, and the proportion of organic fertilizer should be larger(7 gallon plant pots). Therefore, basal fertilizer should be applied early in autumn not later than November. Manure, human and animal urine, and soil weeds can be applied.(cheap 15 gallon plastic pots manufacturers china)

The topdressing time before flowering or the first rapid long-term use of fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer can increase the fruit setting rate(25 gallon nursery pots), promote the shoot growth and leaf hypertrophy, and lay a good foundation for flower bud differentiation. Generally, young trees and early fruiting trees are applied with 30 ~ 60 kg of human or animal manure or 100 kg of fertilizer(10 gallon plant pots). The plant applies 60 to 80 kilograms of human or animal manure or 200 kilograms of manure. 

If the leaves were sprayed with 0.5% urea plus 0.5% boron fertilizer or 600 times potassium dihydrogen phosphate at the early stage of flowering(seed starting trays), the fruit setting rate would be increased. Supplementing fertilizer after picking fruit can increase tree storage nutrition and promote flower bud differentiation. The dosage per acre depends on the size of the seedlings(2.5 inch plant pots). For annual grafting of magnolia, use about 20 kg of urea or 50 kg of compound fertilizer per acre.

(cheap 15 gallon plastic pots manufacturers china)The fruit tree shifts from the stage of flowering and fruiting(200 cell seed trays wholesale), nutrient depletion of branches and leaves to nutrient accumulation stage and begins to enter the qualitative stage of flower bud differentiation. The main types of supplements are fast-acting fertilizers such as rotten manure, bean cakes and chemical fertilizers(4.5 inch plant pot). Fertilization can be combined with watering organically, and it should be carried out in the morning or evening on sunny days.

The rapid growth of cherry seedlings is obvious in stages and concentrated(wholesale plant pots). Today, good agricultural materials have collected some practical cultivation methods for Magnolia seedlings. Today, the amount of fertilizer can be determined according to the age of the tree and the size of the canopy and the number of results(3.5 inch plant pots). Generally, 60 to 80 kg of feces and urine of rotten mature people or 2.5 to 3 kg of rotten soybean cake or 1.5 kg of ammonium sulfate or 0.5 to 1 kg of urea can be applied.

I hope everyone can learn from them(1 gallon nursery pots)! Fertilization of Magnolia officinalis seedlings should be applied as a principle. The base fertilizer is carried out when the soil is plowed, and the soil fertilizer is mainly pig manure and duck manure. Topdressing is generally based on chemical fertilizers, and furrow and water applications(20 gallon pot). In the early period of February to June, N fertilizer was the main factor, and in the later period, P and K fertilizer were the main factor.(cheap 15 gallon plastic pots manufacturers china)

Let's take a look at the fertilization skills of cherry seedlings(2 gallon nursery pots). If you apply it, there will be a lot of fertilizer loss and it is generally not used. For flowers and plants in full bloom in autumn, such as rose, three-color plum, pomegranate, Lagerstroemia indica, Milan, jasmine, etc., and fruit plants such as Nantian bamboo, papaya, fruit stone(4.5 inch nursery pots). At the same time, the new high-fat film was sprayed to improve the utilization rate of the active ingredients of the fertilizer.

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