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Planting tomatoes should be done in fields that have not been planted with solanaceous crops for many years(112 cell trays bulk), and the previous crops are green onion, garlic crops, or "stubble" fields that have been newly planted with vegetables from early fields and paddy fields(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Select early-maturing varieties, emerge early and transplant early. Tomatoes are postponed in autumn and can be harvested in November. 

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The fruits of new shoots mature one after another in autumn(288 cell trays bulk), and management work such as fertility and pest control keeps up in time, and the time to market can be extended to around frost. For the calculation of high-yield theoretical output, taking single stalk pruning as an example, each plant harvests an average of four fruits during the first fruit harvest period, and each fruit has an average of four fruits(plastic flower pots bulk). A total of 16 fruits are harvested.

(greenhouse fabric grow bag manufacturers usa)Calculated based on 2,500 plants, the yield per mu is about 5000 kg. Apply after fully diluting with water(20 cell trays bulk). The longer it takes to emerge, the more nutrients it consumes, the weaker the seedling. Spray an equal amount of Bordeaux solution every 10 days or so to prevent blight and leaf mold(planting trays wholesale). After a little snow, the number of frosts increases. You must cover the film and grass curtains at night, and open the film for ventilation during the day.

Wow 1.2 meters wide, planted in 3 rows, plant spacing is about 30 cm, and should be shaded with old plastic film or reed foil pergola(50 cell seed starter trays). Especially after entering the full fruit period, it is necessary to ensure sufficient water and fertilizer, which is very important to promote fruit enlargement and prevent plant growth and decline(5.9inch plastic plant pots). After a little storage, they can be supplied to the market around the Spring Festival.(greenhouse fabric grow bag manufacturers usa)

Pay attention to 10 cm square soil to prevent root damage, which is conducive to slow seedling growth. Planting should be applied with organic fertilizer(72 cell seed starter trays). The standard for a good seedling is: the seedling has 7-8 leaves, which are short, but stretched, the stem is thicker, the internodes are short, the leaves are large and thick, the leaves are dark green, the root system is developed, and there is no pests(nursery plant pots wholesale). Seedlings should be planted when 7-8 true leaves are planted.

(greenhouse fabric grow bag manufacturers usa)Do not "drow squat seedlings" at the seedling stage and after transplanting(18 cell seed starting trays). After mid-cultivation, it should be watered immediately after drying to reduce the occurrence of mosaic virus disease. Combined with watering, flushing and applying nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers, it can also be used for topdressing outside roots(5.5inch plastic plant pots). After covering the film with cold weather, in order to reduce humidity, water should be minimized.

Although the early-maturing varieties are capped around three ears, the top right will continue to grow, and must be topped in time(20 cell seed starting trays). Each plant retains 3 ears and 2 to 4 fruits per ear. In this way, the nutrients are concentrated, the growth is regular, the fruit size is uniform, the ripening is early, and the yield is high(plastic plant pots bulk). In addition, 1 or 2 leaves should be reserved before the top ear of the fruit to promote the fruit to grow fully.(greenhouse fabric grow bag manufacturers usa)

After the fruit is seated, it should be sprayed with 700 times of liquid trichlorfon in time to eliminate the young red bollworm(40 cell seed starting trays). Otherwise, the pests will enter the fruit and the control effect will decrease, causing rotten fruit and causing a reduction in production. Tomatoes are not cold-tolerant, and zero frost will freeze to death(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). Therefore, in the night of severe frost, you must cover the film with a layer of grass curtains.

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