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Plastic 3 Inch Square Pots Wholesale Supplier

For the mixed planting pot in spring and summer, the plant material with a little stronger water retention capacity can be used(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Because the water transpiration is large, it will consume a lot of water. Conventional plant materials such as peat, perlite, vermiculite and coconut bran can be mixed in a certain proportion(seed starter trays), and flower friends with conditions can also buy some Big granule and fleshy plant material such as hematite.

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The fertility of the plant material must be sufficient(plug trays wholesale). If you use a large basin, you must put a stone at the bottom of the basin. In addition to promoting drainage and preventing rotten roots, it also has the function of ventilation and ventilation. The base fertilizer must be put enough(nursery plant pots). Of course, it's better to give water-soluble thin fertilizer every two weeks during the growing period. My house is full of light. My flowers are in the sun every day!(plastic 3 inch square pots wholesale supplier)

You can often hear a flower friend say: but if you ask a few more questions, you will find that the so-called light of the flower friend's family is completely separated by the glass window(black plastic plant pots). It is true that the light is sufficient, but for plants, the light through the glass window is often not enough. Many glass windows even filter more than half of the visible light(greenhouse supplies pots). Therefore, for some flower lovers who have closed balconies, it's wise to choose plants that are less sensitive to light.

In fact, due to the large variety and quantity of plants planted in the mixed planting pot(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), of course, the premise is that the soil should have good ventilation and drainage. In addition to the organic fertilizer mixed with the plant material, we generally recommend the application of slow-release fertilizer, which has a long and clean fertilizer effect. Pick up the scissors and trim them boldly(plastic grow pots). In rainy days, potted plants placed in the open will not be watered.

(plastic 3 inch square pots wholesale supplier)So don't be soft(propagation tray). Other qualified flower friends, unless you choose shade resistant plants, don't listen to the words like watering once every three days, or once a week, which should be watering when necessary. In spring and summer, there are many mixed potted plants with fast water consumption(bulk 14 gallon pots). When the temperature is over 20 degrees, it usually needs to be watered once or twice a day depending on the situation when it is sunny.

Please pay attention to ventilation and shelter in rainy season(square nursery pots). After the summer temperature exceeds 35 ℃, the hot sun is not so popular. Except for a few potted plants that can continue to be exposed to the sun, most plants should be properly shaded during the period of 11:00-16:00(bulk 20 gallon pots). In winter, we usually choose the plants that are more resistant to cold, as long as the weather is less than zero, there is basically no big problem.(plastic 3 inch square pots wholesale supplier)

Many flower friends will ignore the problem of pruning, often reluctant to cut, or do not know how to cut(plastic nursery pots wholesale). I want to say that this trimming is only for the broken flowers and leaves. The saying "scattered into mud and crushed into dust" doesn't apply to potted plants and small gardens(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). There are a lot of bacteria and insect eggs in the broken flowers and leaves. If you leave them in the pot, they will bring you diseases and insect pests that you can't even think of.

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