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Cheap Plastic 288 Cell Tray Wholesale Supplier

Therefore, in order to keep the ornamental value of potted plants unaffected and keep their leaves fresh and bright(plastic planters suppliers), we need to fertilize them in time to supplement nutrients. Because if you plant happy trees in a pot, the space of the flower pot is limited, and the amount of soil is bound to be limited(black plastic pots wholesale), so the nutrients are naturally limited, and the plants need sufficient nutrients to maintain their vigorous growth.

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In order to maintain the growth of new branches and leaves, the nutrient supply must be guaranteed(plastic nursery pots suppliers). Therefore, in addition to applying fertilizer such as rotten cake fertilizer and multi-element compound fertilizer, potted happiness tree also needs to apply fertilizer frequently at ordinary times(large plastic hanging baskets), so as to achieve the effect of constant nutrient supply and provide nutrition guarantee for the plant to maintain vigorous growth.(cheap plastic 288 cell tray wholesale supplier)

Since it is foliage observation, its ornamental value is naturally reflected by leaves(nursery tray price). So how to keep the leaves evergreen and shiny is often a problem we have to consider, and the most important one is adequate nutrition. However, as a happy tree for leaf viewing, it produces rotten roots and chooses to apply mainly nitrogen fertilizer(large plastic plant containers outdoor), supplemented by phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, as an organic supplement to the main fertilizer.

Happiness tree is a kind of tree species that likes fertile soil(plastic plant pots manufacturers). Its fertilizer preference is mainly due to its large number of leaves. Happiness tree is very suitable for Indoor Foliage potted appreciation.Because in the environment of too high or too low temperature(large plastic tree containers), it is often not suitable for topdressing, otherwise, it will be prone to fertilizer damage, and ultimately not only can not achieve the purpose of topdressing, but will affect the normal growth of plants.

(cheap plastic 288 cell tray wholesale supplier)Timely fertilization is very important for its growth(small plastic garden pots). So, how often does the happy tree apply fertilizer? As for how often does the potted happy tree apply fertilizer, there are often strict standards. Of course, as a family potted happy tree, you can also apply a little slow-release compound fertilizer in the basin regularly(plastic pots for succulents). It can be seen that not only the timing of topdressing, but also the frequency and skill of fertilization should be controlled.

Happiness has dense branches and leaves, which consumes a lot of nutrients(plastic plant pot suppliers). However, due to the low temperature in the northern region, in order to improve the anti Korean ability of potted happy trees, it is advisable to apply 2-3 times of diluted potassium dihydrogen phosphate after the Mid Autumn Festival, and the concentration should be controlled at 0.3%(plant pot manufacturers), so as to increase the guarantee for the plants to survive the winter safely and smoothly.

Therefore, in general, potted happy trees in the growing season can be irrigated with quick acting organic liquid fertilizer once a month(15 inch plastic plant pots), and more cake fertilizer water that has been fermented and matured is used for watering. Of course, due to the poor high temperature resistance and cold resistance of happiness tree, it is necessary to stop topdressing in time when the temperature reaches 30 ° C in summer(20 inch plastic flower pots), and stop topdressing immediately when the temperature is lower than 12 ° C in autumn and winter.(cheap plastic 288 cell tray wholesale supplier)

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