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In summer, Lentinus edodes are planted(7 gallon container). Due to the high temperature, Lentinus edodes grow rapidly, the fruiting body is easy to open the umbrella, the edge of the cap is easy to turn over and eject spores. In management, due to the high temperature and low humidity, it is not easy to produce Lentinus edodes(garden pots suppliers). Water curtain fan is used to cool the groundwater and well water, and increase the humidity (the temperature of groundwater in summer is 15-17 ℃).

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Harvest in time. When the temperature rises after 10:00(10 gallon plant container), spray water in time, put down the film, sunshade and straw curtain, keep the temperature and humidity in the shed. At this time, it is dark in the shed, and let the mushroom fruiting body "nap" under the appropriate temperature. After spraying water at dusk or from 19:00 to 20:00, the straw curtain(buy cheap plant pots), sunshade net and film are all raised to 1 m above the ground, so that the Lentinus edodes can receive the natural wind and rain from night to the next morning.(cheap plastic greenhouse nursery pots manufacturer)

After the young buds are extended, the temperature should be kept at 25 ℃(nursery plant containers), humidity 80% ~ 95%, light 500 ~ 1000lx, and ventilation should be appropriate. From the end of spring to the early autumn, due to the high temperature in Qianshan County and the rainy season, planting Lentinus edodes is vulnerable to diseases and insect pests(square black plastic plant pots). Therefore, we should pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, focusing on prevention. The technology of "two nets, one lamp, one plate and one buffer" can be used. 

In the process of planting management(nursery pots online), we should ensure the cleanness of the planting site and surrounding environment, and spray lime water for many times to prevent the pollution of green mould and other miscellaneous bacteria. Several bases such as Xinhai edible fungus professional cooperative in Qianshan County have carried out demonstration application tests, with good results(3 gallon nursery pots for sale). The best choice for the counter season planting of Lentinus edodes is to choose the varieties of medium temperature type and high temperature type.(cheap plastic greenhouse nursery pots manufacturer)

For the successful counter season planting of Lentinus edodes(7 gallon plant pot), the preparation and mixing of culture materials, bagging, autoclave or atmospheric pressure sterilization and germinal culture are all conventional technologies. It is not introduced here. The counter season planting is the current development trend of edible bacteria and the demand of the market(plastic tray for hydroponics). Over the years of experience, the mushroom room is kept clean, the bag itself produces heat, and miscellaneous bacteria breed.

Different collection standards are different for different varieties, that is to say(five gallon container), when entering the mushroom management stage, the mushroom sticks have special smell and are easy to be attacked by insects such as bacteria, mosquitoes and flies. If there is a lack of fertilizer, in addition, it is better to create a tropical or subtropical environment indoors in the north(large plastic flower pots cheap), which can be watered thoroughly at one time and hang 0.1% enemies in different positions of the shed. The effect of prevention and control is better.(cheap plastic greenhouse nursery pots manufacturer)

It can spray 2 to 3 times of clear water on its leaves every day, which can effectively prevent the new leaf tip from withering(7 gallon planter). Don't feel that the surface soil is wet. Make sure to pour around the basin until the drainage hole drains water. At the hottest time in summer, watering once in three or four days is enough, not too often(farm tray). Leaves wilt when watered less, but they don't turn yellow. Turn the basin often, and let the leaves at the bottom shine the sun.

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