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Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Manufacturers Poland

The present plant compound fertilizer must be dominated by nitrogen fertilizer (nitrogen fertilizer can grow leaves and flourish branches). However(nursery tray manufacturers), nitrogen fertilizer is a very bad thing for meat, because nitrogen fertilizer can accelerate the cell division of meat. If photosynthesis fails to keep up with it, meat will grow in vain immediately(plastic cell trays supplier), and it is weak and prone to lodging. 

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Since I bought meat home to raise it, I don't need to urge it to grow and breed quickly(1.5 gallon nursery pots). I just want it to look good there. If the goal is to breed and make money, you'd better rent a shed in the suburb, where the meat grows fast. My view is that meat should be poor, that is to say, the soil should be poor and hungry(4.5inch square nursery pots). In this way, the resistance of meat can also be aroused and it is not easy to get sick. Fertilization, family cultivation really can not be considered.

(plastic cell seedling trays manufacturers poland)Production practice shows that this is not superstition (geomancy), it is true(1 gallon plastic nursery pots). For example, your meat is placed on the table beside the windowsill, and the first sunshine of breakfast can only illuminate the head of the meat. Hehe, if you are it, will you stretch your neck so that you can get more sun? It will, right(4.5inch deep square pots). Check it out quickly. I think the biggest advantage of meat compared with other flowers and plants is slow growth and stable morphology.

However, the analysis of its internal mechanism is not the same, so we need to talk about it alone(rootmaker propagation trays). As we have said before, the respiration ability of the leaves of meat is very weak because they live in the dry mountain area (to keep water in the daytime and close the pores, and to collect carbon dioxide in the evening). Therefore, the important task of respiration is entrusted to the roots(seedling trays wholesale). After all, the roots are in the cool underground world, without wind and sun.(plastic cell seedling trays manufacturers poland)

So when the root of meat is hard to breathe, it will cause the whole plant to be suffocated(one gallon pot). The level of life activity of meat is greatly reduced, and photosynthesis is also slowed down. The organic matter produced will also be preferentially supplied to the stem (the stem is the hinge). At this point, we should all understand that this must cause the stem to grow in vain(seed starting trays supplier). In fact, the way to avoid this situation is also simple. Control water and ventilation.(plastic cell seedling trays manufacturers poland)

In addition, once it happens, it's extremely fast. I've seen it grow several centimeters high in one day(2 gallon pots wholesale). When you find it, it's too late to sun it out immediately, and it may die. If it has already happened, don't be depressed, or even have reason to be happy, because you have already taken the first step of cultivating modeling meat(seed propagation trays). It's the most easy to avoid and often overlooked. When the meat is rejuvenated again, it will show you another kind of beauty.

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