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After all, foliar fertilizer is fully absorbed, fertilizer utilization is high(square black plastic plant pots), and fertilizer efficiency is good, which is very important for the growth of seedlings. Of course, whether it is pouring liquid fertilizer or spraying foliar fertilizer, we must control the concentration(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). After all, the seedlings are relatively thin, and generally cannot absorb a large amount of nutrients, which is easy to produce fat.

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I will not give a detailed introduction here(3 gallon nursery pots for sale). Because the anthurium prefers a hot and humid environment, it is easy to attract pests and diseases if the environment is poorly ventilated. Therefore, we must do a good job in prevention and control during the cultivation of seedlings(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). Therefore, it is very important to ensure environmental ventilation at all times. Once infected with pests and diseases, it is necessary to spray them in time.(plastic mushroom growing trays wholesale supplier)

Generally, a small amount of thin liquid fertilizer can be applied after 1 month of potting on the seedlings(plastic tray for hydroponics), and some foliar fertilizers need to be sprayed. Especially in the growth stage of seedlings, it is very important to maintain nutrients in time to maintain rapid growth and achieve strong seedlings. If you have any questions, please answer them(cell trays). If the plant is infected with a virus, the best way is to remove it directly to prevent it from infecting other plants. 

(plastic mushroom growing trays wholesale supplier)In addition, root-knot nematodes are also relatively serious pests(large plastic flower pots cheap), but potted plants generally do not occur, and will not be described in detail. In addition, when the fertilizer is too much and the temperature is too high, if the ventilation is insufficient, it will cause anthrax and can be treated by a fungicide, but the best way is to unplug it(black plastic plant pots). First of all, there are some physiological diseases caused by bad conditions such as high temperature.

White palm, alias Baihe carp, generally breeds young plants by means of ramets(farm tray). However, from mid-July to August in July, 250 ml of 50% phoxim was mixed with 30 kg of soil, and even after 4 pm, it was evenly spread around the peanuts. Use 50% phoxim 800 times solution, remove the nozzle of the sprayer(square nursery pots), carry out rooting treatment, or use 80% methyl isoflavone 800 times, and carry out rooting treatment, must be carried out in the flowering lower needle period.

(plastic mushroom growing trays wholesale supplier)Generally speaking, the buds and the tubers compete for nutrients in the bud stage to the early flowering stage, which can promote the tuber hypertrophy(small plastic flower pots bulk). In the potato, although the frequency of spraying the leaf water is higher, the dust on the anthurium leaves can be cleaned up and tested(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Appropriate when the environment is moderate, improve the breathing effect of the leaves, and prevent the flowering rain.

At the same time, Anthurium prefers a warm growing environment(growing flats). Since it is currently in the cultivation stage of potted seedlings, it is irrigated as a fixed root water, and it is noted that the seedlings grow slowly, then take 500g of garlic and knead it into fine garlic(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). 10 kg of water, stir into a slurry, take 20g of onion smashed, add 1-1.5kg of water soaked and filtered, spray the filtrate on the plant, can effectively control aphids, red spiders.(plastic mushroom growing trays wholesale supplier)

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