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Small Black 1 Gallon Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers

When the cabbage enters the rosette period, the plant should form a strong assimilated organ, which is the most critical period for absorbing fertilizer and water(square nursery pots). At this time, topdressing should be carried out. When applying nitrogen fertilizer such as ammonium bicarbonate, the early maturing varieties are applied 15-20 kg per mu, and the medium and late maturing varieties are applied 10-15 kg per mu(50 cell propagation trays wholesale). The cabbage is watered after topdressing.

Medium and late-maturing varieties(gallon plant pot), when the plant begins to wrap, apply 15-20 kg of nitrogen fertilizer per acre, and timely fill the water after topdressing to promote leaf growth. Studies have shown that the production of 1000 kilograms of carrot requires 2.4 kilograms of pure nitrogen, 0.8 kilograms of phosphorus pentoxide, and 5.7 kilograms of potassium oxide(flat plastic tray). Generally, the organic fertilizer is 2,000 to 2,500 kg per mu, and the Stanley compound fertilizer is 30 to 40 kg.(small black 1 gallon plastic plant pots manufacturers)

As the temperature increased, the cabbage entered a period of vigorous growth, and the early-maturing varieties soon began to wrap, no need to topdress(black plastic plant pots). Carrots are a kind of vegetable that needs a lot of fertilizer. In the two months after sowing, the absorption of each element is not large. The third top dressing is 15-20 kg of potassium sulfate type compound fertilizer per acre in the period of root expansion(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Rapid rooting is conducive to the growth of Jasper plants.

Different growth and development stages require a large difference in nutrient content(plug trays), and carrot fertilization methods are also different. When the root system begins to expand, the growth increases rapidly, and the nutrient absorption increases with the increase of fertility. The absorption is the highest, followed by nitrogen. phosphorus(plastic planting pots). Carrot fertilization should pay attention to the fact that the carrot roots are deep into the soil and suitable for fertile and loose sandy loam.

(small black 1 gallon plastic plant pots manufacturers)Carrot fertilization should pay attention to do topdressing(gallon nursery pots). Planting carrots in addition to the application of base fertilizer, but also topdressing 2 to 3 times. The first time is 20 to 25 days after emergence, after growing 3 to 4 true leaves, 5 to 10 kg of potassium sulfate type compound fertilizer per acre(greenhouse pots). The second top dressing is carried out after the carrot is fixed, and 10 to 15 kg of potassium sulfate type compound fertilizer can be used per mu.

Then, the carrots can be sprayed once in the seedling stage and the leaf growth stage respectively(plastic bonsai pots), and the boric acid solution or the borax solution is 0.1% to 0.5% in the fleshy root expansion period. The life of jasper plants is tenacious, but it can grow better under warm environment. The highest survival rate is at 20 °C(wholesale greenhouse pots). Generally, it can be inserted in the spring from April to May. This time period can promote the branches in the soil.(small black 1 gallon plastic plant pots manufacturers)

Usually, the branches cannot be picked and propagated(cell trays). First, you need to pick up the shoots that are full and have not suffered any pests. Soak the shoots in the carbendazim solution for 3-4 hours, then put them in a cool and ventilated place to dry. it is good. Generally, jasper plants do not require high soil. Generally, eucalyptus soil, peat soil, and coarse sand can be mixed into the substrate(seed starter trays). Such soil can promote the rapid rooting of the branches and make them grow better.

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