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Square Plastic Seedlings Pots Wholesale Suppliers Panama

Plastic flower pots have the following reasons(18 cell trays bulk): 1. Watering with hard water containing more calcium and magnesium ions. Over time, these water-insoluble compounds gradually accumulate in the potting soil, eventually making the potting soil Hard, knotted. Second, the use of improper fertilizer, such as soil containing more calcium, if the application of ammonium sulfate will lead to soil compaction(plastic nursery pots). In addition, some people like to water the remaining soy milk, milk or eggs. This unfermented protein will not be absorbed by the plants, but will easily cause soil compaction.

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(square plastic seedlings pots wholesale suppliers panama)In the case of plastic pots and soils, there is still a knot after loosening(12 cell trays bulk). It is possible to loosen or not loosen the soil, and apply dry fertilizer on the surface of the potting soil to achieve a better fertilization effect, because the dry fertilizer is applied to the potting soil. The surface will soon be fermented, so that the soil becomes loose, and then the water is sprinkled into the pot with a kettle, so that the soil and the dry fertilizer are tightly combined, and the fertilizer is quickly fermented(plug trays), and the nutrients will sink underwater when watering, the flower The root industry can absorb fertility.

After every one and a half months to two months, the fertilizer will be applied(8 cell trays bulk). After about 20 days of fertilization, the plastic pots will become loose. If the above method can not solve the flower, it is necessary to consider changing the plastic flower pot. It is necessary to loosen the flowers and plants frequently, and the water used for watering the flowers should be used for a few days before reuse(gallon plant pot). Also use the correct watering method: pedestal watering method. Place the plastic pot in the large water basin and let the water slowly infiltrate the soil through the bottom of the pot.

(square plastic seedlings pots wholesale suppliers panama)It can effectively prevent soil compaction and is also beneficial to root development(6 cell trays bulk). However, this method will increase the salt content in the soil and accumulate on the surface of the soil and the edge of the plastic flower pot, which will easily damage the nearby roots. Therefore, flower plants should alternately use padding and ordinary watering. Sand column watering method. When the flower plants are potted or changed, first insert a few hollow bamboo tubes or metal tubes into the empty plastic flower pots(seed starting trays), compact the soil around them, and fill the empty tubes with coarse sand.

Then the empty tube is pulled out and a sand column is formed in the plastic flower pot(4 cell trays bulk). The sand column is determined by the size of the flower pot. In the future, you only need to water the sand column to spread the water evenly around the sand column(gallon nursery pots). One is placed in a water container and the other is placed in a plastic flower pot. In this way, the water in the container can gradually infiltrate the soil through a wet towel, thereby keeping the soil moist and preventing the flower from wilting due to dehydration.

(square plastic seedlings pots wholesale suppliers panama)Watering the flowers, although it looks ordinary, is very important(24 cell trays bulk). Watering plastic pots requires potting soil to see dry and wet, not only to meet the flower water demand, but also to maintain the soil oxygen content, so that flower plants can grow normally. In order to avoid the tenderness of the leaves of the flowers and keep the plants fresh, it is necessary to frequently sprinkle water around the foliage and the plants. Increasing the humidity of the air around the plastic flower pot is conducive to the growth of flower plants(seed starter trays). The specific water spray amount is determined according to the flower variety.

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