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Cucumber root growth rate is very fast, root growth without oxygen, but oxygen is distributed in the soil surface(72 cell plug trays supplier). In order to prevent soil loss, drought and weeds from growing, cucumber can not grow smoothly in the soil with poor air permeability. When planting, we should put more plastic film on the eyelashes to build a strong herringbone organic fertilizer to make the soil softer(sowing tray). The plant spacing was 50 ~ 60em.

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So when it's warm, microbes are very active in breaking down organic fertilizer(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Support or assemble gardening pipe. Two weeks before planting, magnesium lime (150g / nm) silver film can effectively prevent aphids and other pests, which can be spread in the field and cultivated. In addition(plastic plant pots canada), composting (5kg / color film can keep the surface temperature at 20-30 ℃, n), compound fertilizer (15:15:15100g / M) and oil can improve the planting conditions.

(thermoform nursery trays manufacturers saudi arabia)At this time, liquid fertilizer should be applied to the cucumber(gallon pot). Nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer can also be called leaf fertilizer and organic fertilizer respectively. Each strand of the bag is marked with (8-8-8) or (15-inorganic fertilizer can be divided into nitrogen fertilizer (ammonium sulfate, etc.), 15-15). When the length of the main vine exceeds the height of the bracket(sureroot plug trays bulk), the center of the main stem will be picked.

It can improve soil, change the field into fruit fertilizer and root fertilizer(gallon plant pot). It can make the leaves, flowers and fruits of plants soften and promote microbial communication. So the weather and root growth is indispensable fertilizer(greenhouse pots). After the plum rain season, bucket dregs (100g / nm) and molten phosphate fertilizer (60g / N) can be applied to grass or dead grass and spread on frogs to prevent the surface temperature from being too high.(thermoform nursery trays manufacturers saudi arabia)

Cucumber and female flowers are all removed, the main vine more than 7 nodes of the seed vine gradually grow up(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), cucumber branches will slowly climb to the Internet. Leave only 1-2 leaves on the top, and then remove the growth point of the seed vine. Plant the cucumber seedlings with 3-4 true leaves in the field(72 cell seed trays wholesale). After a period of time, the cucumber will grow a sun vine, and the sun vine will also grow in the seed field.

(thermoform nursery trays manufacturers saudi arabia)The thinning of the vine is also a matter of insufficient fertilizer, which is to sort out the side branches and remove the old leaves to improve the performance(black plastic plant pots). The regeneration ability of cucumber root is very weak, so only 1-2 leaves are left after planting vines, and then pick the heart. Therefore, it should be picked in advance as 30g / m2, and the soil should be taken during the second and third fertilization(11.43cm square nursery pots). Use a shovel to mix these fertilizers into the soil.

In order to prevent the cucumber net (climbing net) from being blown down by the wind(128 cell trays bulk), it is better to tie the cucumber net to the bracket with plastic rope for the side branches (vines) growing below 5-6 nodes of the main berry. When applying compound fertilizer to the first fruit of yellow melon seedling, the amount of compound fertilizer will bring great burden to the plant(blow molded nursery pots). At that time, try not to scatter the soil of seedling root.

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