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Wholesale Nursery Grow Bags 10 Gallon

Its leaves are flat and slender, sharp at the front, with small fluff at the edge(1 gallon plastic plant pots). Under full light, the tip and the edge of the leaves form a very beautiful brown or purplish red color. Today I will introduce the cultivation methods and precautions of the fleshy flower guanyinlian(9cm pots). It is better to have loose and fertile soil, and at the same time, it is necessary to have good drainage and air permeability.

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How to raise guanyinlian? At noon, we can cover the basin with bamboo curtains and other shelters(germination tray price). According to the above methods, let the buds show the soil surface. Guanyinlian can be changed once every one to two years. When the temperature is lower than 5 ℃ for a long time(v9 plastic pots), it will cause freezing damage and poor development of guanyinlian. Otherwise, when watering, pay attention not to let the water drop on the leaves, which will cause the leaves to rot.

(wholesale nursery grow bags 10 gallon)Guanyin lotus flesh, as its name implies, is like a lotus seed(growers pots wholesale). Therefore, we can use humus soil + cinder + a little bone powder to mix the culture soil, so that we can grow guanyinlian more robust. Spring and autumn season can be watered every half a month, summer time also need three to five days to be watered once(seed starting trays wholesale), can spray more water to the surrounding situation, make the development situation more humid.

In order to avoid its development skewness(nursery pot suppliers), we need to rotate the flowerpot around three to five days to adjust its development direction. Enough light can let guanyinlian receive light on all sides, so that it can grow more green and regular. Guanyinlian in the development period, about 20 days to stop a fertilization(32 cell seed trays wholesale), mainly nitrogen, potassium fertilizer, fertilization should be less. Dormancy in summer, stop fertilizing.(wholesale nursery grow bags 10 gallon)

Generally speaking, guanyinlian, which we breed on the balcony and windowsill(heavy duty plug trays), will have phototaxis deviation due to the problem of light. In rainy season, it is necessary to keep out rain to avoid black rot caused by long-term waterlogging. So the best development temperature of guanyinlian is about 20 ~ 30 ℃(5 gallon pots for plants), the night temperature in winter should not be lower than 5 ℃, and the day temperature should be controlled at about 15 ℃, so that it can continue to develop.

(wholesale nursery grow bags 10 gallon)Because the leaves are rosette like, the new soil can help the absorption capacity of the plant root system(72 cell plant tray), and can also dispose of some old roots and rotten roots on the plant root when changing pots, so as not to let these aging roots affect the development of new roots(200 cell seed trays wholesale). The frequency should not be too frequent. Guanyinlian is more than stopped in spring, basin soil should be well drained and rich in organic rotten leaf soil or sandy loam.

It is recommended to add some mature organic fertilizer as the base fertilizer at the bottom of the new basin when changing the basin at ordinary times(injection molded nursery containers), which is good for cultivation and cultivation, and has strong Yin resistance, so it can be placed in a bright place indoors. Recently, a flower friend asked if lotus seeds can grow lotus flowers(105 cell seed trays wholesale). What we can tell flower friends is that this kind of lotus seeds can also grow lotus flowers in theory.(wholesale nursery grow bags 10 gallon)

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