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In fact, it's wrong(black plastic plant pots). Therefore, generally hydroponics plants need a series of processes such as root washing, disinfection and domestication to be considered hydroponics plants, so for Huayou, it is often to wash the plant roots and put them in the hydroponics vessel, so that although the hydroponics effect can be seen for a short time(plastic grow pots), the rotten roots may appear in the later stage. The detailed steps are as follows.

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Continue to talk about Dishui Guanyin, flower friends should remember, do not put the root in the water(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), but put the root in the water, leave some roots, you can touch the air, which is helpful for the root to breathe. See the figure below (it's thousand handed Guanyin in the picture(greenhouse pots), like Dishui Guanyin, for example), the root of Dishui Guanyin is outside, the raw root is half in the water, half in the air This is good for the root to breathe.(11 inch plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

For the hydroponics dripping Guanyin with rotten roots(seed propagation trays), the rotten parts should be cut off and disinfected if possible, such as potassium permanganate. The plant ash can also be used. After disinfection, the wounds should be dried in a cool place, and then the soil planting should be carried out(7 gallon planters). If the hydroponics directly after root cutting is still easy to rotten roots, flower friends can measure it Is it hydroponics after soil planting or continuous hydroponics.

(11 inch plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)Many flower friends think it's OK to just put the root of the plant into the water(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In addition, it may be due to the long-term lack of water change, resulting in water change, the loss of nutrients after the acid-base is difficult to balance, which is not suitable for the growth of dripping Guanyin roots, resulting in rotten roots(seed starter trays). Secondly, or because of the lack of light, resulting in the growth of bacteria, disease insects, rotten roots.

Look at the practical round wooden stick(1 gallon plastic pots), insert it gently around the root of the plant, and then carefully separate the dripping Guanyin from the soil until the root is completely taken out to avoid pulling out the root vigorously. After the dripping Guanyin is taken out completely, you can directly use the plant pruning tool to cut off the rotten root(5 gallon nursery pots supplier), and then trim all the branches and leaves of the plant, leaving only the healthy plant root.

Wash with clear water, put it in the ventilation position after taking it out, and air the water for about a day and night(5 gallon smart pots). After that, prepare potted plants again. After rotten root treatment, drip Guanyin. The best way of cultivation is soil culture. Disinfect the flowerpot, and then configure the nutritious soil. At this time, the humidity is about 8%(3 gallon nursery pots supplier). The new soil is the best choice. The soil is loose and has certain air permeability.(11 inch plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

Take out the rotten root dripping Guanyin directly in hydroponics(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). There is a lot of sand, but the soil should not be too dry. You can choose to irrigate it with Taomi water. No matter in soil culture or in water culture, Guanyin should be treated in time after the occurrence of rotten roots, so as to avoid the spread of the disease, which is difficult to control(square nursery pots). After the plants are restored to normal (rooting), the hydroponics should be carried out.

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