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18 Inch Large Plastic Bonsai Pots For Sale

If the dry matter of the immature organic fertilizer is applied, it will ferment and heat in the soil, thus damaging the root system and breeding diseases and pests(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The chemical fertilizer should be completely crushed and mixed with the organic mature fertilizer, and should not be applied in blocks(16cm plastic grow pots). The fertilization of urban garden green space should not affect the environmental health, and the organic fertilizer which is not fully rotten should not be applied.

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Generally, for the retting organic fertilizer, only the liquid above is used instead of the dry matter(square grow pots). Plants should be dominated by nitrogen, while legumes that can fix nitrogen should be dominated by phosphorus, and garden plants with fast growth should be provided with more potassium(11.43cm square nursery pots). If the heavy rain in summer causes a large amount of nitrate nitrogen in the soil to leach, quick acting nitrogen fertilizer should be applied immediately after the rain. 

(18 inch large plastic bonsai pots for sale)It is necessary to apply fertilizer reasonably and timely according to the different kinds and growth conditions of garden plants(plastic plant trays wholesale). We should apply fertilizer reasonably according to the weather. For garden plants with weak growth, we should focus on the application of quick acting nitrogen fertilizer(16.5cm plastic grow pots); for garden plants with excessive growth, we should control the amount of nitrogen fertilizer or apply more potassium fertilizer.

In general, the effect of applying chemical fertilizer in wet season is good, while that of applying phosphorus fertilizer in dry season is good(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). In the year with high temperature, the first topdressing time should be earlier. According to the physical and chemical properties of the soil, organic fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer should be used as the main fertilizer(11.43cm square grow pots), and more phosphorus fertilizer should be applied in red soil, brick red soil and some erosive soil.

Excavate 5-6 shallow ditches radially and evenly to the outside of the tree crown(14cm plastic grow pots), the inside shallow and the outside deep, until the crown is 20-30 cm deep at the ground projection, and then apply fertilizer and cover with soil. This method is suitable for top dressing of mature orchard(19cm plastic grow pots). The method of injecting fertilizer is to use a soil drill to drill a hole around the trunk of the tree, about 50 cm deep, and inject the prepared fertilizer into the hole.

We share the solution of not sprouting new buds for a long time if the happy tree grows to a certain extent(sureroot plug trays bulk). Hole application is to dig a number of 30-60 cm deep soil holes around the crown and put fertilizer into the holes. This will result in a large amount of fertilizer application, but the utilization rate of plants is very low(20cm plastic grow pots). High temperature fertilization is easy to damage plant roots because of high soil temperature.(18 inch large plastic bonsai pots for sale)

Taking the trunk as the center, the above two methods are suitable for orchards or close planting orchards in arid areas(15cm plastic grow pots), most of them are liquid fertilizer. In the orchard, along the direction of the fruit field, one long ditch with a width of 50 cm and a depth of 40 cm shall be opened in each row, and the fertilizer shall be applied into the ditch(8.89cm square grow pots). This method is suitable for large-scale orchard selection and mechanized operation.

Do not use raw manure to apply fertilizer(gallon pot). The annual fertilizer amount and each fertilizer amount can be determined according to the soil conditions, tree age, yield and fertilizer quality. After fertilization, it should be watered once, the larger the water quantity is, the better, too large, resulting in the loss of fertilizer and water(23cm plastic grow pots). When expanded fertilizer is applied, insoluble phosphate can be applied in acid soil, but not in calcareous soil.(18 inch large plastic bonsai pots for sale)

Generally, basin soil is required to be acid, which is more suitable for plant growth(large plastic terracotta pots). If the soil for potted cultivation of happy tree is alkaline, what soil should be used for changing the pot of happy tree? Scientific improvement of soil environment, especially the need to keep the pot soil wet frequently, and the ability of drought resistance of happy tree is relatively poor(6.35cm square grow pots). After soil mixing, it is also a place to pay attention to, and the concentration should be sparse.

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