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I don't know if you have planted mustard? Mustard is a kind of vegetable with strong adaptability(best microgreen trays). It is generally cultivated in autumn in the north and in spring and summer in the south. Learn what are the key points of planting mustard? Before planting mustard, you must first clear up the soil block and choose a higher border for planting and drainage(succulent propagation tray). Two days before planting, remember to water the soil to keep it moist.

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It can be planted in the north and the south(greenhouse trays plastic). It is suggested to select late February for sowing in spring and September and October for autumn. Most areas choose autumn. When sowing mustard, remember to spread it evenly, and then step on it with your feet. If it is planted in autumn, it will sprout in three or four days. If it is in spring, it may take longer(large plastic plant containers). When it grows two leaves, it can start to apply fertilizer. At this time, it is usually spring and the temperature begins to rise gradually.

(cheap plastic 10 x 20 propagation tray manufacturer)Because this can be harvested many times, we can add some more after each harvest(soil block propagation trays). Water before sowing, just keep the soil moist, not too much, because mustard seeds are very small. In addition to water and fertilizer management, other management is to pay attention to pest control management. In addition, when planting mustard, it is easy to grow some weeds, which also needs to be cleaned up in time(cheap plant containers for sale). It is necessary to keep the plant growing environment ventilated and cool.

The biggest disease is that the seedlings of field management grow in vain(lavender plug trays wholesale). Mustard can be picked in batches. When mustard grows about ten leaves, it can be picked. When it is harvested, it can be added with fertilizer, and then it can be picked three or four times. Remember to add some fertilizer after harvest. Use some urea properly at this time, so that it can grow better(hydroponic trays for sale). When the temperature of the seedbed is too low, it is necessary to raise the temperature, water, ventilate and refine the seedlings properly.(cheap plastic 10 x 20 propagation tray manufacturer)

We should do the corresponding work well(shallow microgreen trays). The flowering period of Dewei flower is relatively long, and most of them can bloom in the environment of temperature no higher than 20 ℃. At this time, some liquid fertilizers with higher proportion of P and K should be given, and the flowers should be removed in time after withering(plastic bonsai pots for sale). If seeds are needed, cross pollination can be carried out, and it is difficult to self pollinate the same flower with different mature time of stamens and pistils.

(cheap plastic 10 x 20 propagation tray manufacturer)Even in winter, make the seedlings see light(propagation trays canada). Control the temperature and humidity of the seedbed, not too high or too low; avoid partial application of nitrogen fertilizer, increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and if necessary, use agents to inhibit growth, so as to control the excessive growth in time and cultivate strong seedlings(green plastic hanging baskets). It's like when we've been indoors for a long time and suddenly come out of the room, there's going to be a blackout.

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