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14 Inch Plastic Plant pots Wholesale Suppliers Malaysia

The basin change is mainly to provide a better environment for the growth of the stone(propagation tray), and it is generally required that the stone flower in the pot is full of flower pots and appears to be crowded. After changing the pot, the individual stone flower will gain more loose growth space. Since there is no longer a crowded phenomenon among the new pots, it is very important for maintaining a good growth state(plastic plant trays wholesale), and it is also very important for the formation and improvement of ornamental value.

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(14 inch plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers malaysia)However, if the individual stone flower in the pot always maintains a suitable distance between each other(plug trays), even if it is not crowded after flowering, can it be used without a flower pot? The raw stone flower is usually raised 2-3 After the year, there will basically be a phenomenon of overcrowding in the basin, so it is necessary to change the basin in time(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). There is still no congestion, we still need to change the basin, and we need to change the soil in time.

Since the raw stone flower was raised in the pot for 2-3 years(gallon plant pot), due to the multiple watering and fertilization during the period, the original potting soil structure will obviously change, and the knotting phenomenon will occur more or less, which inhibits to some extent. Water and fertilizer penetration and intake. The water and nutrients in the basin will gradually decrease until it disappears. This is very unfavorable for the growth of the plant(large plastic terracotta pots), so it is still necessary to change the basin, and it is more necessary to change the soil.

(14 inch plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers malaysia)Raw stone flowers will maintain a good growth in a better quality soil environment in order to enhance their own enjoyment(cell trays). Therefore, in addition to the crowded phenomenon in the basin, it is necessary to change the basin in time. Even if there is no crowding behavior, it is usually necessary to change the basin for 2-3 years(nursery plant pots). However, for the general potted stone flower, after 2-3 years of cultivation, it will show more crowding between individuals.

Therefore, in the case where the raw stone is unable to effectively obtain water and nutrient replenishment(gallon nursery pots), like other succulents, it is necessary to change the basin regularly after raising it for a period of time. So, how long does it take for the stone to change the pot? After all, we can't use a large flower pot to grow a few stone flowers. In that case, not only will the nutrients be too dispersed, but the individual will have a weaker growth(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Also not conducive to viewing.

(14 inch plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers malaysia)The small partners need to pay attention to the time of cutting, the touch is not cold(black plastic plant pots), so the winter must not be cut, the survival rate will be very low, spring, summer and autumn can be cut. Be careful not to damage the stalks and put them in a cool, ventilated place for a week to see that the incisions are healing(square grow pots). Then insert the cuttings into the sand or the disinfectant soil with high perlite content. Remember to moisten the soil before cutting, so the cutting is easier.

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