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Just under the influence of the typhoon, there was heavy rain, and there was just enough time at home(plug trays). The kite said that there is no root propagation of the stone flower. The raw stone flowers that are usually planted are basically rooted. The main reasons are: If you pull it too hard, it will be broken directly, or it will accidentally fall off the ground and get rid of the root(wholesale greenhouse pots). Then there is the fact that the roots of the stone flower will dry up in the state of less water, and the root will come down gently.

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(cheap 8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers uk)The raw stone flower was thrown away by the express transfer, which is also easier to break the roots(propagation tray), so many flower friends in this state are at a loss. However, no matter what the method is, there is no root, and there is no wound on the surface. For such a stone flower, the flower friend can directly put on the basin, the soil uses small particles, and one-half of the soil can be used in the soil(greenhouse supplies pots). The water of carbendazim is transparent or semi-permeable, giving water or less water depending on the weather.

Why is there no root? Then there is now more popular online shopping(gallon plant pot), you can use tap water to directly rinse, how to dry the wound, such as water, mixed with carbendazim water, healing wounds are basically not infected, pull I looked up and saw that I had a new root. There are two places in the roots. The rooting time is different. The new root that just came out is tender and tender(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The roots that have come out early have formed normal root color.

(cheap 8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers uk)No matter whether it is big water or less water, if you dry it, you need to supplement the water of carbendazim(gallon nursery pots). If there is no wound on the surface without root, it will grow new roots in 7 to 15 days, and some may be due to temperature. Extend to one month or even two months. When the plant grows new roots and absorbs water, it will be full and full. At this time, it can be managed normally(square nursery pots). For some time, even if the water is given, it will not recover, and it has been crumpled.

Let the soil be slightly wet. At this time, change the raw stone flower to a position, re-apply the basin to the water of carbendazim(cell trays), water the water, don't be afraid of rotten, the soil is breathable, and the carbendazim is diluted when the water is supplied. Basically, there is no problem. After the water is provided, it is cool and ventilated. Do not expose to the sun(plastic plant trays wholesale). Generally, after the position is moved 2 times, the new root will be refilled. This method is suitable for all plants with roots or no root wrinkles and no new roots.

(cheap 8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers uk)There are also some plants because the courier process cracked(black plastic plant pots), the transplanted seedlings accidentally fell underground cracking, for fresh stone wounds, this time to do is not to contaminate the wound, directly use paper towels to absorb the moisture of the wound. If the wound is very dirty, then use a paper towel to absorb the moisture of the wound. In either case, treat the wound well(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). After sucking the water, put it in a cool, ventilated place to dry the wound.

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