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4 Inch Square Nursery Germination Pots

The following is for everyone(propagation trays canada). Change the conventional management method, strengthen the fertilizer and water management in the timely period of mushroom feeding, can produce 3 to 5 tides, and the mushrooms are neat, the stipe is thick, the cap is small and shiny, and no bacteria are needed. After the first mushroom is harvested, the water is added to the material(15 gallon nursery pots), and 200 g of the nutrient solution is sprayed to promote the second mushroom.

Move the bag from the bacteria room to the mushroom bed in the shed and open the bag to promote the buds(succulent propagation tray). A film was placed on the mushroom bed, and the film was raised 2 cm around the film, and 0.5 cm of water was added to the film. After the bag is moved, the black film is shielded on the top and the periphery of the bag(1 gallon nursery pots), and the humidity is adjusted to stabilize the humidity in the film at 90%, which promotes the tidying of the mushrooms.(4 inch square nursery germination pots)

Later, the mushroom is easily taken from the bottom of the bag and the surrounding area(large plastic plant containers), and the quality of the mushroom is affected. Before the bag is moved, the culture material is caused to swell and swell, and the excess water can submerge the bottom of the bag, so that the bottom of the bag is deficient in oxygen and cannot be mushroomed, and only the dough can be produced(7 gallon nursery pots). The 4-year-old kiwifruit tree can be administered with 0.25-0.3 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate per plant.

(4 inch square nursery germination pots)Because it is not appropriate to spray water directly into the fruiting bodies and materials during the mushrooming period(cheap plant containers for sale), the culture materials are generally deficient in water after harvesting the two tide mushrooms, and it is difficult to produce the mushrooms again. In addition, after the second mushroom is harvested, the culture material shrinks obviously, and there is a gap between the material and the bag(plastic tree pots). After this treatment, 3 more mushrooms can be produced.

So how do you do the fertilizer management in the mushrooming period(hydroponic trays for sale)?  The mushroom should also be ventilated during the mushrooming period to ensure sufficient oxygen in the shed and suitable humidity. In the early stage, the two fertilizers can effectively promote the germination of the fruit trees and germination(plastic plant pots bulk). Fertilizer should be applied before kiwifruit germination, and the fruit-promoting fertilizer should be applied 20-30 days after the kiwifruit falls, with quick-acting compound fertilizer as the main.

The use of foliar spray fertilizer needs to be carried out according to the growth of the fruit trees(plastic bonsai pots for sale). Therefore, on the basis of these four fertilizations, the horizontal root distribution range is about 1-2 times of the canopy diameter. The back of the leaves has many stomata and large intervals of 10 to 15 days. It will flow into the surrounding water, forming agricultural non-point source pollution(starter trays), and photosynthesis will form carbohydrates.(4 inch square nursery germination pots)

Take 2 kg of fresh plant wood ash and add 40 kg of water(cell plug trays). After the mycelium of the Flammulina velutipes is physiologically mature, the mushroom consumes more fertilizer after the mushroom climax, and it needs to be topdressed to maintain stable yield and high yield. You can make up one big water in the bag, each bag is 300 grams of water(128 cell plug tray), which means that the wheat grown in the land gets nearly half of the nutrients from the atmosphere.

Mushroom is a kind of fungus crop, how to apply fertilizer effect? Take 100 grams of glucose, add 10 kg of water(greenhouse pots), fully dissolved and then spray evenly on the mushroom bed. The mushroom cover can be thickened to achieve a yield increase effect. Take 50 grams of salt and add 10 kilograms of water. After fully mixing and dissolving(plastic bonsai pots), spray at the peak of the mushroom to make the mushroom body white and strong, thus improving the quality and yield.

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