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Best Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Price Peru

Appropriately increase planting density and adopt large and small ridge cultivation, which can seal the ridge early and stagnate early(propagation tray). Watering and cooling during high temperature and drought improves the microclimate in the field, making it unfavorable for the propagation and spread of the virus(seed starter trays). If the color of the pepper leaves turns pale yellow, and there is no fruit set, 7.5 to 10 kg of urea can be applied per mu. Ping wow live broadcast is suitable for sandy soil coal.

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The main root system of Chinese cabbage is distributed in the soil layer within 40 cm, so after spreading the base fertilizer, it must be ploughed 30 ~ 40 cm, and then sugar rake 2 ~ 3 times to make a small ridge(plug trays). The surface of the border strives to be smooth without bumps. The ridge is about 10 cm high and 8 meters long(black plastic plant pots). Generally, 2500 ~ 3000 kg of rot manure should be applied per mu, and then 15 ~ 20 kg of ammonium sulfate should be mixed.

(best plastic plant pots wholesale price peru)Planting Chinese cabbage in Liqiu is the experience accumulated by vegetable farmers in the North China Plain for many years(gallon nursery pots). Except for the short frost-free period that is sown in July, all other regions are sown around Liqiu(nursery plant pots). Premature planting, high temperature, strong plant respiration, weak seedlings, vulnerable to disease, affecting the yield of Chinese cabbage, too late planting, short growing period, small growth, weak heart, also affect yield.

The stubble for planting Chinese cabbage varies from region to region, and weeds should be removed before planting and planting to reduce the number of intermediate hosts(gallon plant pot). For line-on-demand, 5 ~ 6 seedlings per hole should be left; the second time, when the seedlings have 3 ~ 4 true leaves 12 ~ 14 days after sowing, the sowing date should be determined according to the variety, land and climate factors(72 cell seed trays wholesale). It should be evenly withdrawn on demand.

Transplanted seedlings should be selected within 20 days of seedling age(cell trays). Large seedlings after 20 days are slow and difficult to move. Late-maturing and disease-resistant varieties should be properly advanced. The same variety, when planted on thin ground or when it is raining, can be slightly advanced, otherwise it can be wrong(blow molded nursery pots). On-demand is basically the same as the above method, but the idea should be according to the spacing between plants.(best plastic plant pots wholesale price peru)

The bottom fertilizer must be rotted, and applying manure will not only burn vegetable roots, but also easily cause viral diseases(square nursery pots). In fields where the stubble is stubble later, seedlings can be used for transplanting(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). If you want to regain high yield, the circle fertilizer can be increased to more than 5090 kg per mu, and mixed with 200 ~ 250 kg of cake fertilizer, and the seedlings should be selected and replanted for the missing seedling holes.

Inferior seedlings can be divided into three times(plastic grow pots): the first time, 3 to 4 days after the seedlings are unearthed, when two cotyledons are present and the true leaf tips are just seen, the cotyledons are selected to be hypertrophy, moderate in size, normal in color, and short hypocotyl The reverse side of the cotyledon has no purple spots or hairy hybrid seedlings(bulk 10 gallon pots). According to seedling condition and soil quality, top dress reasonably, each One seedling is set for each hole. 

(best plastic plant pots wholesale price peru)A pair of seedlings with strong stem and leaf growth, wide petiole, smooth heart leaf, moderate color, hairiness and not too much should be selected, leaving 3 to 4 plants per hole(flat plastic tray); the third time, about 20 days after sowing, in seedlings When there are 5 to 6 true leaves, you should choose pure seedlings with hairy leaves, wrinkled leaf flesh, flat and short petioles(bulk 14 gallon pots), leaf body extending to the stalks, flattening, strong growth, no pests and damages.

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