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High Quality 14 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Suppliers USA

Potatoes are the most prone to late blight in the critical period of Yanghua tubers (July to August), which requires special management(gallon plant pot). The main measures for management are as follows: multiple hoeing, especially hoeing in time after rain, can prevent floor slabs. It can also loosen the soil and promote heat dissipation on the ground, which is very important to avoid late blight(seed starting trays supplier). Before and after flowering, tubers grow fastest.

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For budding, use empty houses or Yangwa to pile the potatoes into square piles(flat plastic tray), the pile height should not exceed 30 cm, the temperature in the pile should be maintained at 16 ~ 18 ℃, and the early mature buds should not be too long. Phosphorus and potassium can enhance the plant's resistance to diseases and insect pests(seedling trays wholesale). To strengthen fertilizer and water management, top dressing should be concentrated in this period.

(high quality 14 inch plastic plant pots suppliers usa)According to the growth status of potatoes and climate change, timely top-up fertilizer or spray phosphorus and potassium fertilizer on the foliage(gallon nursery pots). Using a sickle to cut the overgrown part of the seedling head can prevent long legs, promote tuber expansion, and also allow the air in the ridge to circulate to prevent the hot air from burning the leaves(4.5inch deep square pots). Potatoes are usually stored in the cellar in late October or November.

Seed potatoes need to be stored in April of the following year(plastic grow pots). Edible potatoes and summer-sowing potatoes need to be stored until late June. Combined with cultivating, the roots of potatoes are cultivated into a semi-circular mound, which can make the temperature of the roots moderate, prevent direct sunlight from the tubers, and make the tubers produce solanine green(4.5inch square nursery pots). If you use late-maturing varieties, you must strengthen management.(high quality 14 inch plastic plant pots suppliers usa)

All kinds of underground types should be excavated in places with low groundwater level and solid soil, and the depth should be dug to the unfrozen layer, generally 3 meters(plug trays). The seed potato should not be overfilled. It is generally suitable to be placed in 2/3 of the cellar depth. The range of suitable temperature is 1 ~ 5 ℃, and the suitable humidity is around 90%(nursery plant pots). The freshly harvested potatoes have strong breathing strength and are easy to rot directly under the cellar.

Last storage period (after March). Edible potatoes must be strictly covered to prevent heat from turning green and reduce the quality of food(square nursery pots). The pre-stored seed potatoes should be selected before entering the cellar, generally when the temperature is stable at 0 ℃. After entering the cellar, according to the physiological changes of seed potatoes, they are generally managed in three stages(black plastic plant pots). Seeds should be stacked in a well-ventilated and cool place for pre-storage.

(high quality 14 inch plastic plant pots suppliers usa)Cucumber is an annual herbaceous climbing plant(propagation tray). It is a thermophilic vegetable and can be cultivated on the ground in spring and autumn. Autumn cucumbers are generally sterile and are better seeded in the open. Spring cucumbers generally adopt the method of transplanting seedlings(seed starter trays). The techniques for raising seedlings are as follows: Seed soaking and germination are usually carried out 2 to 3 days before sowing.

When soaking the seeds, put the seeds into the pot, pour hot water at about 50 ℃, and start stirring at the same time(cell trays). When the temperature of the water drops to 35 ℃, it will stop. Continue to soak in the pot for 3 ~ 4 hours(large plastic terracotta pots). That is, in the early storage period (from entering the cellar to early December), the tubers are in a dormant state, breathing vigorously, and the heat released is higher than the cellar temperature.

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