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Cheapest Plastic Planters Wholesale Price Canada

The second batch of chili peppers that are green, non-insect, basically the same size, and have a heavy-duty knot should be selected as seed peppers(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The seedling land should choose the sandy soil of the sun, prepare it well before the vernal equinox, and expose more than 18 cases. It is required to have a width of about 30 cm(1.5 gallon plant pot). The topsoil should be leveled and flattened, with 1000 ~ 1250 kg of pig manure applied as a base fertilizer.

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Before planting, loosen the soil by about 3 cm, and then sparsely and evenly sown 1.5 to 2.5 kg of pepper per mu(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). According to the test, within 10 days after loading, the application of green fertilizer was applied twice. When the seedlings of Agrobacterium spp. As of the last sentence in July, deep hoe once and apply 75 ~ 100 kg of carbon dumplings per mu(nursery pots canada). The bottom water of eggplants is small when sowing.(cheapest plastic planters wholesale price canada)

Were focused on, weeding, thinning, and fattening began. But eggplant requires a higher temperature change(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Before the seedlings are unearthed, they should be kept at about 30 ° C during the day and no less than 15 ° C at night. After the bacteria emerge, they should be kept at about 25 ° C during the day and 15 ° C at night(plastic succulent pots). The amount of scattered wind should be smaller than that of tomatoes. Cover with fire dust after sowing.

Fertilization is better with a small amount of times, which is beneficial to make the seedlings thick and green, the root system is developed, free of insects and diseases(128 cell seed trays wholesale). After the hot pepper plants are planted, water the next morning, and add 15-20% of the pig prize, so that the soil temperature is about 10 meters, and the transplanting work should be completed before the awning(9cm plastic grow pots). Transplanting selection was carried out on a sunny afternoon.

(cheapest plastic planters wholesale price canada)For transplanting, insert the vegetable field 3 to 4 cm, level and thin, and then transplant after a few sunny days(128 cell trays bulk). Before transplanting, 50 kg of calcium nitrate, 750 kg of plant ash and human and animal ash were added to each commercial soil for 7-8 days, and the depth was 12-15 cm(succulent plug trays). Stable bacteria can be transferred to more than 15 rice, and water should be poured once every 2 to 3 hours before transplanting.

When transplanting, it is required to do five non-planting, that is, seedlings with shifts are not planted; interception is not planted(72 cell plug trays supplier); and no fertilization is not carried: autumn seedlings are not disinfected and not planted. Plant 5509 ~ 6000 drills per acre, the row spacing is 60 ~ 70 cm, and the pier spacing is 15 cm(plastic seedling trays). Generally late-maturing varieties are more disease-resistant, such as eggplant pepper, single-line king, etc.(cheapest plastic planters wholesale price canada)

Apply 350 ~ 400 kg of pigs per mu each time, forced application of 2-3 times to raise seedling fertilizer, each time with 3.5 ~ 4 kg of urea per mu, 500 kg of water, easy soil once(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). 40 days after planting, the phosphorus and potassium cavity is mainly used to apply the stabilizing flower fertilizer. 15-25 kg of phosphorus fertilizer and 500 kg of grass and ash are used per mu, and the mixture is mixed evenly by borrowing dung. the above(90mm plastic grow pots).

Spray 40% dimethoate or oxidized dimethoate emulsion 1500 times in the seedling stage, or use 70% aphid pine wettable powder per acre at the time of planting, add 10 ~ 15 kg of water, and dip root for 10 minutes(sureroot plug trays bulk); The membrane bow shed is covered to avoid aphids. To select disease-resistant varieties(plug flats wholesale). In addition, early seedlings, strong seedlings, early planting, shorten the squatting period, strengthen management and promote seedlings early.

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