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When pruning, cut off the upper main branch at about 15 cm from the ground (the lower part must have 3-5 branches, each branch must have 1-3 stems), and then cut off the top of the branch when the branch is 10 cm long(gallon pot). At the same time of pruning, it is necessary to loosen the soil, remove weeds, and apply fertilizer once more(50 cell plant trays bulk). Each mu of hot water with different rates of concentrated water is 1000 kg. Methods: the basic question was with xihongnan.

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In order to prevent the spread of regenerated aubergine spider, it can be treated once with 1000 letter Omethoate spray(seed starting trays). If there is leaf stage, it can be treated with 800 times marathon spray. 3-4 days after pruning, it's better to add tobuzin with 3 / 1000 urea solution (50kg urea solution plus 500g tobuzin), and spray once(50 cell seed trays wholesale). After pruning, it is necessary to irrigate the water once a week or so, 1500 kg per mu. High temperature is good for media colonization.(black plastic growers pots manufacturers usa)

When pruning, the height of eggplant should be high and dry, so water it frequently to facilitate the growth and development of eggplant(square grow pots). If the soil is too dry for a long time, it can be stored in the evening and drained in the morning of the next day. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the water cannot cover the surface(seed planting trays wholesale). Eggplant cracking is caused by a small harm which is not easy to see. This kind of end is called tea yellow butterfly.

(black plastic growers pots manufacturers usa)To prevent eggplant cracking, we must seize the opportunity to eliminate the yellow end of tea(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). At present, the green effective terminal killing agent is 20% triclosan alcohol emulsion filtration(18 cell plug trays supplier). As long as we grasp the early flowering stage of eggplant, spray 20% triclosan alcohol 1000 times, spray once every half a month, spray twice or three times, we can effectively prevent and control the damage of tea yellow butterfly.

After harvesting new eggplant, it is necessary to collect eggplant and fruit once(plastic plant trays wholesale). If there is no triclosan, 80% dichlorvos 800 fold solution is used, the control effect is about 50%, and the residual toxicity is less. The thickness of straw ash is better when the mud is not visible(20 cell plug trays supplier). When it is stored, it will soon lead to brown rot and soft surface, and grow a layer of white hair. In the northern region, it usually occurs in June to July and damages in August to September.

Eggplant Brown heart is a symptom of disease of brocade blight(greenhouse supplies pots). The plant ash has obvious inhibitory effect on this pathogen. Spreading a layer of plant ash on the surface can form a barrier layer between the upper part of eggplant stem and the soil surface, and control the flow and spread of the pathogen(40 cell plug trays supplier). In addition, the plant ash is rich in potassium, which can promote the healthy shape of the stick and enhance the disease resistance.(black plastic growers pots manufacturers usa)

If the seedbed is found to have cracks, you can use a watering can to water and then cover the soil, and pay attention not to scatter the soil on the leaves(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). If possible, a thin layer of straw grass can be pushed on the straw ash(104 cell plug trays supplier). Before seed soaking, the seeds should be dried for 1-2 kinds or 3-7 days at low temperature, then put the seeds into 55-60 ℃ hot water, stir continuously until the temperature drops to about 35 ℃, and then soak for 12-24 hours.

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