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Bulk Buy 20 Inch Large Black Plastic Planters

The room temperature can be lowered to 18 ~ 28 ° C(104 cell plug trays supplier), but the best development at 20 ~ 23 ° C, the fastest bud. When the bud grows to the knob, you can tear a small hole in the plastic film on the top, or untie the bag, and then reduce the room temperature to 16 ~ 18 ° C. At this time, the management should pay attention to ventilation and ventilation(18 cell plug trays supplier). Open the doors and windows one time in the morning, in the middle and in the evening, and ventilate for 15 to 20 minutes each time.

(bulk buy 20 inch large black plastic planters)Therefore, the mycelial growth stage is generally 10% to 20%(grow bags wholesale). The fruiting body growth stage is preferably 90% to 95%. Below 90%, the growth is slow, the meat is inferior, and the fruit body is thin. Below 90%, the growth is slow, the meat is inferior, and the fruit body is thin. Less than 60% is difficult to bud, even if there are young buds, it will quickly dry up(20 cell plug trays supplier). Above 95%, it is prone to deformed buds, which are mostly loosely branched and perishable.

Hericium bacterium is light, and under certain conditions of scattered light(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), hyphae can grow under complete dark conditions, but it is difficult to form fruiting bodies. In the cultivation of Hericium, it is necessary to keep the interior bright, preferably with scattered light to avoid direct sunlight(large plastic planters cheap). Generally, during the growth of the monkey head fruit body, it is necessary to pay attention to the sprayed water in order to increase the yield.

(bulk buy 20 inch large black plastic planters)Note that growth below 12 ° C is slow, above 33 ° C, ventilation is required. When the fruit body ball is full of stinging(nursery trays price), the thorn is about 1 cm long and the color is white, so it can be harvested. The room temperature is controlled at 25-30 °C, 30 ~35 days, the mycelium can be full of bacteria bags(105 cell seed trays wholesale). Tomatoes are cultivated in spring, the temperature is low in the early stage, and it is unstable. The most common method in rural areas is seed planting. 

When harvesting(black plastic nursery pots), the prepared bacteria bag is generally sterilized and sterilized in a sterilizing pot, and then 0.01% potassium permanganate is added, and the ratio of the total amount of the water to the water is 1:1.2 to 1:1.3, and the water is stirred. The water content requires the raw material to be held by hand, and there is a slight drop of water between the fingers(decorative flower pots). After inoculation, the planting bag is moved into the planting room and discharged on the ground or angle iron shelf.

(bulk buy 20 inch large black plastic planters)It can be planted with roots or seeds. I don't know which ones to use(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Before planting, it should be selected according to local climate conditions and other factors. Pay attention to summer heat and good heat resistance. at this point. In addition, improper management in the later stage, imbalance of water and fertilizer application, will easily lead to plant growth, excess nutrients, increased pests and diseases, etc.(200 cell seed trays wholesale), will also cause falling flowers and fruit.

Method: Pay attention to the planting and production process(plastic nursery pots), we should timely pick the heart, hit the side branches and so on to adjust the plants to prevent the growth of nutrients. Commonly used flower-protecting fruit-protecting agents include borax, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, and anti-fallin. Watermelon, winter melon, etc.(spill trays), we can use artificial pollination to improve pollination quality and fruit set rate. It can be used to prevent the rate of fruit set. 

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