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In order to ensure a high survival rate(20 inch plastic flower pots), the branches were treated with 500 × 10 - * ~ 1000 × 10-4 gibberellin or 500 × 10 ° naphthylacetic acid aqueous solution in North China, and the effect was very good. The general requirements are as follows: the slope shape is straight, the middle is slightly high, and the ridge is set around to prevent soil loss(herb plug trays). Select land and apply fertilizer.

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Tissue culture method(large plastic plant containers outdoor). Using bioengineering technology to produce new peony individuals is an advanced means to multiply the precious peony varieties. The asexual propagation of Paeonia suffruticosa includes ramet, grafting, stem cutting and tissue culture. If the diseased plant is found, it can be planted after soaking the root with medicine(32 cell tray). Before planting, the deep ploughed land should be prepared.(large plastic planters wholesale suppliers south africa)

Paeonia suffruticosa is a kind of precious ornamental and medicinal plant, which needs strict cultivation technical conditions(big plastic garden pots). Whether the technical measures from seedling raising to planting management are scientific and appropriate will directly affect the normal growth and development and life span of plants(round plastic flower pots). The following focuses on the field cultivation practice, briefly describes the management measures.

(large plastic planters wholesale suppliers south africa)Therefore, it is necessary to manage peony carefully and scientifically according to its growth and development characteristics and different cultivation uses(large plastic tree containers). In order to release the dormancy characteristics of hypocotyls, seeds could be soaked in 500 × 10 - ~ 1000 × 10 - GA for 24 hours before sowing(3 inch plastic nursery pots). In 15 days, 0.3-0.5 cm in length, could grow to 1-3 cm in 60 days, and the number could reach 5-7.

If you have irrigation conditions, don't plant again(injection molded pots). One to two months before planting large peonies, the soil should be fertilized and ploughed deeply, with a depth of 0.5-0.8 meters, so as to achieve deep roots and luxuriant leaves. During the period from "Bailu" to "autumnal equinox", the cutted 1-3-year-old, healthy and healthy peony branches were inserted into the moist soil(9cm square plant pots). Sowing and seedling raising.(large plastic planters wholesale suppliers south africa)

Because peony should be cold and afraid of heat, like high dry and hate low humidity(plastic pots for succulents), and afraid of strong wind and cool sun, the land for planting peony should be sandy loam with loose soil and deep soil layer, which should be high and sunny and well drained(10 inch nursery pots). The inner bottom of the border should be flat, the width of the border is 2-3 meters, and the length of the border can reach 10 meters.

(large plastic planters wholesale suppliers south africa)The seeds are soaked in water for 1-2 hours, and the plump seeds are taken out(plastic pots for plants). The seeds with plump seeds can reach 2600-3000 seeds per kilogram, and 1.2kg dry seeds can absorb water for 24 hours. Seed treatment should be carried out before sowing, soaking seeds with warm water at 50 ℃ for 24-30 hours to make the seed coat degummed, absorb water(large black plastic flower pots), 1-3 new roots, expand and germinate.

Stem tips (2 ~ 3 mm), that is, young leaf segments (1 cm × 1 cm) and petiole segments (1 ~ 2 cm) from axillary buds of Paeonia suffruticosa were cultured in vitro(plant pot manufacturers). Firstly, buds were differentiated and divided into clusters, and then the shoots were induced to take root, and then the tube seedlings were transplanted(4 gallon plant pot). After a week, the dormancy period was released and buds and roots grew simultaneously.(large plastic planters wholesale suppliers south africa)

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