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There are 158 kinds of red(heavy duty growing trays), such as Zhihong, Yipin Zhuyi, Chunhong Jiaoyan, Qunying, ruby, he Yuanhong, Qinhong, wanhuasheng, Chaoyang Hong, cinnabar, Shanhua, taohongdidui, Taoli Zhengyan, xinghuachunyu, dahuhong, etc. There are 15 species of dark purple, such as black swan, dafugui, mosu, seed black, black Huakui, Wujin Yaohui, etc(plastic seedling trays).  Otherwise, the buds grow in clusters and do not blossom or flower little and small.

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Because of the high indoor humidity, 50% carbendazim 500 times solution should be applied to control stem rot and other diseases(2x4 grow tray). Since ancient times, the style of Ailan has been inherited from generation to generation. It should be explained here that "Wang Zhe Xiang" comes from Confucius "orchid is the king of vanilla"(large plastic planters). Green onion orchid, commonly known as nine section orchid, has narrow and long leaves, smooth and glossy edge.(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers mexico)

There are 119 kinds of purplish red(15 gallon flower pot), such as Xiaguang, wuzhouhong, Zhuangyuan red, Hongyan, Xizi, Chaoyi, Xindai, shuanghonglou, xiulihong, hongxiuqiu, dongfangjin, honghonghong, zaoxia, Ziguangge, Zhuanghong, Zifeng tower, etc. There are 43 kinds of purple, such as rose purple, lilac purple, eggplant purple, purple crown, purple butterfly(7 gallon flower pot), Fenghua purple, late purple, Zhao purple, Haiyun violet, green leaf purple, and purple arhat.

(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers mexico)There are 56 kinds of pink blue (snow green) colors(5 inch plastic flower pots), such as blue green building, sapphire, blue wave sunset, green heart orchid, ice covered blue jade, moonlight, blue sea blue wave, blue line boundary jade, late blue, lake blue, green lotus, pink orchid building, Donglan burden, pink blue ball, blue sky after rain, hongmeibaochun, Lantian jade, hundred flower exhibition green, blue lotus, turquoise blue, Ruhuasiyu, manyuanchun, etc(plastic plant pots). It blooms before and after the Spring Festival. 

Since Qu Yuan, the poems and poems of literati in the past dynasties are inseparable from orchids, and many painters also use orchids in their paintings(4x8 grow tray). There are six kinds of common Orchids: spring orchid, commonly known as grass orchid, with narrow and short leaves and rough edge. According to the predetermined flowering period, the indoor temperature can be flexibly controlled(10x20 plant trays). It is one of the famous flowers originated in China, and has been cultivated for more than 2000 years.(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers mexico)

Orchid (spring) orchid (Orchidaceae, orchid), is a perennial herb(deep plant trays). Its famous products include Jinsi Mawei, Yuchen Dagong xiaotaohong, yinzhensu, dahezu, longyansu, etc. The flowers are light green, green, red and white, and the famous products are lvying and cuiyipin. It blooms in April, and its famous products are Chengmei and Songchun(2 gallon pots for plants). There are 27 kinds of yellow, such as yaohuang, goose yellow, huanghuakui, Huangli, Qingyun Huang, yuhuchun, jinlunhuang, etc.

(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers mexico)The book recording orchids is the Jin Zhang orchid manual written by Zhao shigeng of Song Dynasty more than 700 years ago(1 gallon flower pot). There have been many books about orchids published, and there are also nearly 30 books handed down today. They are good at each other and have their own unique features(8 inch plastic pots). Jianlan, commonly known as autumn orchid, has bright leaves, erect and hard texture. It usually sprouts flowers and moss in mid August.

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