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Large Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers Thailand

When sowing, mix seed with 50% phoxim emulsion(plastic plant pots), mix with 1 part trichlorfon powder and 50 parts of fine soil, directly skim the seedbed, and then turn into the soil or cut The ditch is withdrawn. You can also use the pseudo-death of the chafer to knock the branches at dusk, so that the insects fall to the ground and be eliminated together(200 gallon grow bags). For example, chrysanthemum leaf nematode disease and the like. 

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Artificially capture larvae or adults, and in the early morning around the broken seedlings or the holes of the remaining stems and leaves, pour water(large plastic plant pots), the soil is pulled apart to find the larvae and squeeze of the ground tiger. Diseases caused by nematodes invading flowers and abandoned plants are called nematode diseases(18 inch plant pot). Nematodes are lower animals and are common underground pests of potted plants.(large plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers thailand)

The leaves were dry and black. The most common insect pests of house-planted potted flowers are good insects(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots), white mealworms, red spiders, scale insects, and flies and earthworms in pot soil. Nematodes are mostly white, slender, linear mollusks that are not easily visible to the naked eye(20 inch plastic planter). The above-mentioned treatments have good control effects on Liangu, earthworm wax, ground tiger, and wax extrusion.

For example, another nematode drilled into the internal tissues from the stomata of the leaf surface(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Most of them live in the soil, so the calli of the underground parts of flowers (such as roots, roots, bulbs, bulbs, etc.) and cuttings are the most vulnerable(smart grow bags). Invasion and parasitism. Plant nematodes are mainly harmful to flowers in the family Asteraceae, Primulaceae, Pteridaceae, Impatiens, and Qiuhailiangaceae.

(large plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers thailand)There are two main symptoms of nematode disease(plastic flower pots bulk): First, the nematode invades the roots of seedlings and produces irregular nodules on the main and lateral roots. The nodules are rough on the surface and brown. When the victim is severe, the fine roots rot and the leaves die yellow(1 gallon nursery pots). The affected leaves became light green with light yellow spots, and the spots were yellowish brown in the later stage.

Potted flowers can be mixed with trichlorfon powder in the culture soil to control pests in the soil, and should be evenly mixed 1 week before use(seedling trays wholesale). Normally, if there are pests such as squeezed wax, and flies in the pot, it can be prevented by spot pouring with dipterex(nursery grow bags). First of all, the newly purchased or introduced potted plants should be strictly inspected and disinfected to eliminate the source of diseases and insects.

For drug control, use about 25 grams of 3% furandan granules per square meter(72 cell plug trays), apply it evenly to the surface of the soil, and then turn it into the soil 8 to 10 centimeters, and it will take effect after about 10 days. The control effect is good and the effective period Up to about 2 months, cyclamen nematode disease(15 gallon pot); and can control a variety of other pests (aphids, spider mites, scale insects, underground pests, etc.).(large plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers thailand)

Once the nematodes are found in family potted flowers, they should be poured into pots if possible(long life propagation trays), all old soil should be removed, the roots of flowers and trees should be washed, and then planted again. Hot water treatment, soak the diseased part in hot water at 50℃ for 10 minutes or 55℃ for 5 minutes, the dosage is 0.1% of the seed weight(65 gallon grow bags); which can kill the nematodes without hurting the flowers and plants.

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