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Large Plastic Garden Pots Wholesale Direct Austria

The roots of the trees are lifted upward, the lateral roots are exposed, the roots are intertwined, the roots are hanging and the claws are exposed(4x8 grow tray). The withered old tree stumps look like rocks, but some of the bark is still alive, and the well sends out new branches and leaves. Take the image of the dead wood and replace the stone(disposable plastic plant pots). One kind of tree should be selected as the main one, and other trees as the auxiliary. It is better to use shallow basin. 

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The number can be more or less, depending on the needs(5 gallon flower pot). The branches are shaped according to the natural trees on the rocks, thus becoming the "tree on the stone". The trunk is split into two parts, or one side is cut off, so that the trunk is in a state of withered skin, and then new branches and leaves are grown from the split trunk, and then artistic processing is carried out to make it primitive and strange(wholesale garden pots). Common tree species are plum, pomegranate, Vitex negundo, etc.

(large plastic garden pots wholesale direct austria)Vines are selected as the hanging branch bonsai, and the soft and drooping branches are used for modeling(2x4 grow tray). The trunk is twined with many branches and droops for a long time, showing a flexible and colorful appearance. The combination of tree species should be paid attention to when planting in the jungle(2 gallon pots for plants). There are many kinds of trees, such as pine, plum and bamboo. The combination of three friends is a typical mixed planting of different trees.

Landscape bonsai is a kind of bonsai with natural rocks as the basic material, processed and carved by various techniques, conceived and arranged, and equipped with appropriate shallow Mouth Basin bowl(5 inch plastic flower pots). There are mountains and water in the basin, which mainly shows the magnificent and beautiful landscape of nature(seedling tray price). The common tree species are jindanzi, Ginkgo biloba, June snow, Euonymus japonicus, lattice tree, hammer inspection, Prunus mume, etc.(large plastic garden pots wholesale direct austria)

There are a wide range of materials, including quartz, sand gravel, reed tube stone, tree fossil, etc(deep plant trays). With the basin also known as the bridge type, for a multi stem, the main root connected and lifted, rich in Qu analysis changes. The stone materials include hard stone such as axe stone, sand flake stone and stalagmite stone. In the isolated peak style, cliff type trees are often planted in the high mountains to enhance the atmosphere of the mountains(perlite suppliers). Choose various shallow basins.

The basin is usually made of round or elliptical shallow Mouth Basin(7 gallon flower pot). It is characterized by its peculiar shape and the feeling of sympathy for one's life. There are many species of miscellaneous trees, such as Fujian tea, cake wood, big thorn, etc. Commonly used plants are Lingxiao, honeysuckle, wisteria, Luoshi, changchunjing, etc(15 gallon nursery pots). According to the different selection of stone and the diversity of its manifestation characteristics, it can be divided into the following several forms.

(large plastic garden pots wholesale direct austria)The stone grain is bright and smooth, and it is generally made of integral stone(10x20 plant trays). Select the same kind of stone, the base of the mountain is connected, two peaks stand side by side, one high and one low, the upper part of the mountain should be separated, the primary and secondary should be clear, coordinated and unified(1 gallon pots). The common tree species of double dry type are pine, elm, Murraya, June snow, Ligustrum lucidum, orange willow, maple, etc.

Material selection and basin use are basically the same as the single peak type(8 inch plastic pots). The stones in the basin are distributed at both ends, one high and one low, one large and one small, with great difference in weight. Each end is made up of several stone blocks. In the middle is a wide water surface. Boats are often installed and trees are planted on the mountain(10 gallon nursery pots). The main and secondary parts of the basin are clear, and there are calls and responses.

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