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Bulk Buy Cheapest Plastic Planting Pots Italy

It is to put the fresh cut flowers in 2% ~ 3% detergent at 20 ~ 30 ℃ and cut off 1 ~ 2 cm of the stem of the flower branch(plastic seed trays), and then insert the same concentration of detergent solution (the temperature is normal temperature), and the insertion depth is 3 ~ 5 cm. It is to immerse the end incision of the flower branch into hot water at 80 ℃ for 2-3 minutes(shallow germination trays with holes). This method is especially effective for annual and biennial herbaceous flowers.

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It is to spread a little salt on the cut of flower branches before flower arrangement, which is suitable for Lily, color leaf taro, Platycodon grandiflorum, etc(nursery plant pots wholesale). For example, the dry matter content of chrysanthemum and chrysanthemum leaves decreased with the increase of nitrogen fertilizer application amount. In the harvest, attention should be paid to timely cutting to ensure that the water in the cut flowers is in a full state(buy succulent pots). Therefore, nitrogen fertilizer should be stopped in time when flower bud color.

(bulk buy cheapest plastic planting pots italy)Fresh cut flowers can not maintain the normal physiological activities of plants because of the lack of hormone sources to maintain life activities(plastic garden pots wholesale). This method is suitable for woody flowers, and its purpose is to prevent the incision from bacterial infection. It is to soak the cut of flower branches in edible vinegar for a few seconds (sterilization) before flower arrangement(injection molded nursery containers). It is to add a new 2% sugar solution and insert the fresh cut flowers.

The dormant Prunus mume, which had been dormant at low temperature(plastic plant pots bulk), moved to the indoor sunshine 25 days before the Spring Festival, covered with plastic bags and kept at room temperature about 13 ℃, could also blossom during the Spring Festival(five gallon nursery pots). Fresh cut flowers can produce a lot of ethylene, and because of lack of water and nutrition, abscisic acid in cut flowers increases, which promotes the production of ethylene.(bulk buy cheapest plastic planting pots italy)

In this way, the bacteria in the incision can be eliminated and the air in the catheter can be discharged(large plastic planters cheap). When using this method, the upper part of the flower branch must be wrapped with paper to avoid burning the flowers and leaves when the hot water vapor rises. This method is suitable for dahlia, chrysanthemum, Gladiolus and so on(5 gallon pots bulk). Usually fresh cut flowers are cut in the morning when there is dew to ensure its freshness. heat.

This method can keep fresh the fresh cut flowers such as rose, chrysanthemum, lily, star and carnation(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). Generally speaking, potassium fertilizer is beneficial to the fresh-keeping of cut flowers, which can enhance the folding resistance of flower branches and the transmission of nutrients; the application of carbon dioxide fertilizer can enhance photosynthesis and increase the content of dry matter(online plastic pots for plants), which is conducive to the preservation of cut flowers.

(bulk buy cheapest plastic planting pots italy)When the nitrogen content is high, it can promote the production of ethylene in plants and accelerate the abscission of flowers and leaves(plastic flower pots wholesale). Because in the case of relatively dry soil, it is conducive to the development of roots, can enhance the content of kinetin in the plant, and is conducive to prolong the life of cut flowers(plastic planters canada). Therefore, in the production process of cut flowers, it is generally not suitable to irrigate a large amount of water.

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