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Hydrangea is a common flower plant(plastic nursery pots). Its umbels are like snowballs. It is surrounded by oval green leaves. It is very beautiful. It is a very important summer flower and wood. It can be planted everywhere, but if it is on the balcony of the home window sill. When planted in other places, it will look like home. Hydrangea is the ball and the hydrangea that are usually mentioned(24 cell trays bulk). Hydrangea can be propagated by the method of ramets, strips and cuttings, and the cutting method is generally used.

After half a month, many sprouts will grow on the plants(plug trays wholesale). At this time, prepare a few pots or seedlings with sand, leave the buds that are ready to grow into branches. The rest of the buds grow to about 2 cm, you can squat and insert them. The prepared flower pot or seedling is shallow, because the shoots on the plant cannot grow as large at the same time, so the buds of insufficient size are left on the branches to continue growing(4 cell trays bulk). It can be transplanted in the second year after survival.(cheap 1 gallon plant pots wholesale supplier)

When it is long enough, kneel down and cut it. Every time you insert a tender bud, you must spray it once(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Place the flowerpots or seedlings with hydrangea cuttings in a bright place with direct sunlight. Keep the ambient temperature between 15 °C and 25 °C(3 gallon nursery container). If conditions permit, it is best to place the flowerpots or seedlings in a colorless manner. The small shed covered by plastic film can maintain high air humidity, which is very helpful for increasing the survival rate.

(cheap 1 gallon plant pots wholesale supplier)This shade-tolerant ornamental plant is usually propagated by cuttings, which has a low reproductive coefficient(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In order to rapidly breed hydrangea, this paper introduces the method of breeding hydrangea with bud insertion method with high reproductive coefficient(2 gallon plant pots). Most hydrangea buds will take root, and when all the hydrangea leaves are unfolded, the roots are guaranteed to grow independently. At this time, they can be planted and managed normally.

It can be used for cuttings with branches that have not been sprouted for one year(black plastic nursery pots). From May to August, cuttings can be used for cuttings in the same year. The cuttings are about 10 cm long and have 2 to 3 knots. The cutting substrate is plain sand or vermiculite. After the early spring, it is necessary to keep the shade warm and maintain a certain humidity; after the cutting in May and August, it should be shaded and moisturized, placed in the shade, often sprayed with water, and keep the substrate moist(2 gallon containers). After the insertion, the roots can be rooted after about 30 days, and the roots are planted after the roots.

(cheap 1 gallon plant pots wholesale supplier)In the spring, after 4 weeks(wholesale nursery pots), the newly trimmed hydrangea is placed at a temperature of about 25 °C for management, and water is sprayed twice a day. During the rainy season, the strong young shoots on the young mother tree can be selected as the cuttings. The base of the cuttings should be knotted and covered with mud, about 20 cm long, and the lower leaves should be removed(bulk 1.5 gallon pots) . The temperature of cutting is 13~18°C. It needs to be shaded after insertion, and it is always moist. It takes about 15 days to 1 month to make roots.

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