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It has the characteristics of overlapping cliffs, steep cliffs, two mountains facing each other, and crossing the river in the middle(24 cell seed trays). The layout form of the canyon is that two mountains are facing each other with one water in the middle. The water surface is often cut into several pieces, but many but not disorderly, scattered and orderly(v10 nursery pots). It is necessary to master the tilt angle of the center of gravity of the mountain peak. 

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Therefore, two groups of peaks, one high and one low, stand side by side and are close to each other across the river, which can cover one side of the main mountain, making the water surface of the canyon S-shaped and enhancing the depth sense of the canyon(12 cell seed trays). The water surface of the canyon should be wide in front and narrow in the back to form the momentum of "Tianmen interrupting the opening of Chu River"(hole tray). Generally, round or oval basins are used.

(cheap 10 gallon nursery pots manufacturers florida)Inclined landscape bonsai, the center of gravity of the mountain is inclined to one side, dangerous but not falling(4 cell plant trays). The peaks are like the roaring waves and the surging rapids, with a strong sense of momentum. It has the characteristics of isolated peaks, skyscrapers, precipitous mountains and simple composition(v11 nursery pots). It is characterized by danger in stability and movement in stillness. The main peak is in the shape of an obvious cliff.

In the layout, the main peak is close to one side of the basin, and the rest of the mountains stretch to the other side, leaving a certain amount of water in front of the mountain to achieve sparse and dense(5 gallon nursery pots). In the layout, due to the large number of peak like peaks, we should distinguish the primary and secondary, and achieve the simplicity in the complexity, the sparse in the dense and the hidden in the dew(succulent planter tray). The river rushes through the canyon and rushes out.(cheap 10 gallon nursery pots manufacturers florida)

If the slope is too steep, it will make people feel unstable. Tilt is not enough, and there is no momentum and effect(8 cell plug trays). The cliff style is vigorous, dangerous and full of momentum. It mainly shows the natural cliff scenery near the water. It has the characteristics of precipitous mountain, steep peak and cliff, steep hanging stone wall, dangerous and unattainable, magnificent momentum(orchid plug trays). Such as Bayu gorge, majestic mountains and majestic rivers.

(cheap 10 gallon nursery pots manufacturers florida)The hillside follows the main peak from high to low, undulating and descending, and the foot of the mountain is tortuous(1 gallon nursery pots). Only when the peak is not high can the cliff of the main peak be majestic. Cliff type usually uses rectangular or oval basin. Scattered type is also known as dense type(128 cell plug trays). This type of layout is free and informal. It is mainly used to show the natural scenery of islands, seashores, mountains and reefs in the lake.

It is placed on one side of the basin, and a part of the mountain is suspended in the middle(6 cell trays bulk). In order to avoid the malpractice of the main peak that carbon will fall and the gravity center is unstable, the whole mountain shape can be made into a half moon shape, that is, the extension direction of the slope foot is consistent with the inclined out direction of the main peak(hydroponic farming tray), and the foot of the slope plays a stable and foil role to achieve the visual stability of the main peak.(cheap 10 gallon nursery pots manufacturers florida)

There are more than three groups of rocks in the basin, of which the main group has the highest peak and the largest volume(2 gallon plant pots). The other groups serve as a foil. There are gathering and scattering between mountains, and some are sparse and dense. However, visitors should not deceive the Lord and follow the Lord(v11 plastic pots). The mountains in the basin are generally not high, and there are peaks, mountains, slopes and beaches. Two groups of rocks are used in the layout.

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