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Prevention and control methods: spray 600 times of 65% mancozeb solution before the onset of the disease(72 cell plant tray); timely remove the damaged parts and destroy them; spray 800 ~ 1000 times of 50% abamectin in the early stage of the disease. This requires artificial regulation of flowering period, that is(growing flats), to urge all flowers in a moment and gather four seasons at one time. The disease caused by virus infecting flowers is called virus disease.

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Bacterial infection mainly through stomata, nectaries, wounds and other ways, generally with the help of running water, wind and rain, insects, soil and infected plant residues(heavy duty plug trays). In the early stage of the disease, 50% carbendazim (or tobutzin) was sprayed 500 ~ 800 times, or 75% chlorothalonil was 600 ~ 800 times(plastic gallon pots). In addition, 70% pentachloroquine benzene and 80% mancozeb can be mixed in the same amount, and 8-10 grams per square meter can be used to disinfect the soil.

(cheap fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers ecuador)In the early stage of the disease, light brown water stained, nearly round or irregular spots appeared on the leaves, with light yellow halo around them(72 cell flats). Later, the disease spots expanded and became dark brown or brown. The edge of the disease spots became lignified and caused perforation(wholesale garden pots). Virus is a kind of extremely tiny parasite, its morphology can only be observed by electron microscope, among which the flower leaf type was the most common.

The virus disease parasitized in the living cell tissue of flower waste and spread to the whole host plant along with the transportation of organic matter from the host plant(50 cell tray), which often caused the symptoms of flower and leaf, bad spot, deformity, discoloration and necrosis. In recent years, the infection scope of flower virus diseases in China has been expanding day by day(plastic starter pots), which has risen to the second place to fungal diseases.(cheap fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers ecuador)

In addition, there are Cyclamen virus disease, chrysanthemum virus disease and so on(72 cell plug flats). Low temperature treatment is usually used for dormant and overwintering flowers, such as Duteng, Meihua, Bijie, etc. if they are not allowed to bloom in spring, they can be placed in a cold cellar at 2 ~ 5 ℃ and watered about once every half a month to postpone the flowering to May day or national day(5 gallon plastic planters). The disease-free seedlings were planted or rotation was carried out. 

(cheap fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers ecuador)This kind of disease is very harmful and difficult to control. Lily, tangyingpu, Narcissus, carnation, dahlia, orchid, Zingiberaceae, Petunia, Myrtle were all susceptible to mosaic virus(herb plug trays). Root carcinomatosis mainly affects plum blossom, cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, rose, dahlia, carnation, geranium, Qiuhai case, etc(big black plant pots). The diseased tumor was removed immediately and disinfected with thiophosphate powder or 0.1% mercuric chloride water.

So far, there is no effective way to prevent and cure the virus disease at home and abroad(32 cell tray). Therefore, we should take various measures to control the virus disease comprehensively. Select disease resistant or resistant varieties, strictly select non-toxic propagation materials, such as tubers, tubers, bulbs, bulbs, seeds, seedlings, cuttings, scions, rootstocks, etc(plastic plant pots cape town). Virus free plantlets were cultured and propagated by shoot tip tissue culture.

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