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Cheap 20 Inch Plastic Planter In Bulk

Although I was born in Beijing and grew up in Beijing, I am very much aspired to my parents' rural life when they were young(plug trays wholesale). Helpless, born in the big city of the emperor, picking fruit and planting vegetables, these children's tastes are difficult to experience, only envied. Fortunately, the level of science has improved now, and vegetables can be grown on the balcony of the home. The strange balcony of the monarch is also 7, 8 square meters(18 cell trays bulk), just south, although not big, but the sun is sufficient, just used to grow vegetables.

(cheap 20 inch plastic planter in bulk)Then there is a farm on the website(plastic nursery pots). According to the introduction, it is very convenient to publish pictures on the Internet and communicate with customers. For example, the sprouts grown by customers are out of order, and remote consultation can be conducted through video. Calling himself a "new farmer", that is, he loves agriculture and joins in agriculture, but he is no longer an "old peasant" facing the loess(6 cell trays bulk), but a "new peasant" who uses knowledge and technology to scientifically and systematically produce agricultural products. ".

Gradually mastered the indoor planting technology of sprouts(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and fully utilized the advantage of the convenience and speed of the Internet. The public account with the sprouts as the main content was opened on the platform, and the sprouts webpage was opened on the website to sell the sprouts. Seeds and semi-finished products. The dish of the strange king is useful for the sprouts of the trays, and also for the pots of the pots(8 cell trays bulk). The trays for growing vegetables were all bought online, and bought 6 trays and more than 10 kinds of vegetable seeds.

(cheap 20 inch plastic planter in bulk)When planting peppers and planting sprouts, first soak the seeds with warm water, soak for about 12 hours(plastic nursery pots wholesale), then spread the non-woven fabric on the tray (when you buy the tray), evenly sprinkle the seeds, and then on the seeds. Cover a piece of non-woven fabric, sprinkle three times a day with a watering can, and for about a week, you can eat a plate of green oil, fresh and tender, non-polluting sprouts(4 cell trays bulk). Take a bottle of mineral water and drill a few eyes on the cap to become a watering can.

Planting vegetables in pots is generally the result of flowering(wholesale nursery pots). It will take several months to pick. You see, this kind of pepper that is strangely grown is good, red, green, and pale, both for viewing and for cooking. Little friends, if you are in the city, you can also use your own balcony to grow some vegetables. There is no pollution at all(12 cell trays bulk). If you are in the rural areas, you don’t need to plant them at home. It’s better to plant in your own land!(cheap 20 inch plastic planter in bulk)

When they were young, they often caught fish and touched shrimps. They were full of childlike fun(black plastic nursery pots). You can also buy a watering can, and the watering can is made with a mineral water bottle. It is sprouted with a tray, which is a vegetable seedling. Let's have a good addiction to grow vegetables. If you usually have nothing to eat with sprouts, or if you want to be a potted plant at home, you can buy sprout seedlings(24 cell trays bulk). The store will also include planting instructions, and really raise a cute sprouts seedlings!

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