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Cheap 8 Inch Plastic Planters Wholesale

Its flowers are small, but they are clustered together with green leaves, and the overall look is very beautiful(plug trays wholesale). Such plants are naturally raised by many people at home. In the process of breeding, many flower friends will encounter the symptoms of leaf yellow. What about the yellow leaves of the fragrant flowers? Today, Xiaobian will solve this problem for everyone(23cm plastic grow pots).

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(cheap 8 inch plastic planters wholesale)Specifically, the water is poured more(black plastic nursery pots), the water is drained or replaced by pots, the fertilizer is applied more, the irrigation is diluted, or the soil is cut and the roots are cut, and then replanted. There are five main reasons for the yellowing of the leaves of Ruixianghua: if it is a new potted plant, it may not be suitable, and it can be carefully maintained.

Nowadays, After discovering that the fertilizer has been applied more, the fertilizer should be immediately diluted with water and then discharged from the bottom of the basin; many of the flower pots of the flower friends are purchased online, which may lead to a large cross-service(6.35cm square grow pots). The Ruixiang flower may not adapt to the yellow leaf because of the great growth environment.

Solution: Avoid direct glare(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If it is a newly purchased scented flower pot, it is normal when yellow leaves appear. Everyone only needs to follow the culture method of scented scented flowers. After a while, the plants will recover. . Ruixianghua enjoys astigmatism and avoids glare. When curing in summer, it needs proper shading(8.89cm square grow pots). Everyone should remove the plants, then cut off the rotten roots and change the soil. 

(cheap 8 inch plastic planters wholesale)Solution: Move the fragrant flowers to the indoor and semi-shade in time, then spray the water in moderation(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After the plants are slowed down, they will soon return to health. Flower plants need to consume a lot of nutrients in the flowering stage to complete the buds and flowering, and the bud stage is the key period to achieve flowering. The roots are rotten, the leaves naturally absorb no nutrients, and the result turns yellow.

Ruixiang usually controls the water properly during the buds, although Ruixiang is more resistant to yin and prefers the growth of semi-yin(11.43cm square grow pots). Planting. The reason for the yellowing of the leaves of Ruixianghua is that if it is a new potted plant, it may be caused by the unsuitable environment. Once exposed to strong light, especially if the summer sun is very toxic, the leaves are prone to yellowing.

Ruixianghua hates the watery environment(wholesale nursery pots). If we water too much, it may cause the roots to spoil because the soil is too wet. Solution: Remove the pots, clean the rhizome of the scented scented flowers, then replant the pots and place them in a cool and windy position. Ruixianghua is good for fertilizer(heavy duty gallon pot), and sufficient nutrients can make it grow better, but the amount of fertilizer can not be used too much.(cheap 8 inch plastic planters wholesale)

For Ruixianghua, don't think too much, because over the actual demand of the plant(plastic nursery pots), excessive fertilization will cause fertilizer damage, which will inhibit the growth of the plant, resulting in the appearance of yellowing of the leaves of Ruixianghua. Solution: if it is not found in time, there will be a rotten root phenomenon(11.43cm square nursery pots). Environment, when the bud period occurs, the flower buds will shrink.

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