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In order to make it bloom in the spring(15cm plastic grow pots), it is also necessary to combine the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. After the flowering period, Ruixiang can neither lack water nor pour too much water. Watering can be done. However, if you want to open the flower garden as scheduled, the maintenance management work during the buds and long flower buds must be done well. The flowering period is a crucial period for Ruixiang to open the flower buds smoothly(black plastic nursery pots). If it is not properly maintained, it will not only open the flower buds, but may even cause the phenomenon of falling off.

(black square garden planters wholesale supplier)The flowering period of Ruixiang is in the relatively cool season, that is, the winter and spring seasons(16.5cm plastic grow pots). How to maintain the scent of scented scented scent? The flowering period of ruixiang is longer than that of many flower plants, and it can basically last for more than two months. Because in order to take care of Ruixiang in the flowering period, so that it can smoothly open the flower garden and display its beauty and fragrance in the next time(wholesale nursery pots), we mainly do the following aspects of maintenance management.

At this time, sometimes the temperature is still relatively low, and Ruixiang's cold tolerance is not too strong(16cm plastic grow pots), so providing temperature protection is very important for its smooth buds and long flower buds. Then, if the temperature is too low, it will not only delay the flowering period, but also cause the loss of the cockroach and even the risk of freezing damage. It is generally suitable to control it at about 10 °C(plastic nursery pots wholesale), at which temperature it is beneficial to promote flower bud differentiation and gestation of flower buds.

(black square garden planters wholesale supplier)For flowering plants, it is generally necessary to provide sufficient light during the flowering period(19cm plastic grow pots). Originally considering that Ruixiang prefers a semi-yin growth environment, it generally provides sufficient scattered light. However, the temperature during the flowering period is often relatively low, so it should be allowed to get more sun, even if it provides direct light. It is generally suitable to provide about 4 hours of light per day(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), which is advantageous for promoting the growth and development of the flower bud.

The scent of scent is very beautiful, and it also gives off a rich aroma(16.5cm plastic grow pots). During the period of long buds, watering management is also very important. If there is water shortage and drought, the plants will fall off due to dehydration, but if the water is too much, the flowers will also be washed away, and there is a risk of causing roots and roots(plastic nursery pots). At this stage, we only need to keep the potting soil slightly moist, that is, not dry or wet.(black square garden planters wholesale supplier)

Then Ruixiang is often the most need to prepare nutrients during the breeding of flower buds(20cm plastic grow pots), so timely topdressing is very important, which can promote the growth and development of flower buds, and provide sufficient energy for the next flowering. However, if fertilization is used at this time, it should be supplemented with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and potassium dihydrogen phosphate is a very good choice(plug trays wholesale). Dilute it according to 1:1000 times with water, shake it and then directly root or spray the leaf surface.

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