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The second time can be carried out within half a month after flowering(3.5 inch square plastic pots). In order to meet the needs of vigorous growth of branches and leaves and flower bud differentiation. When soybean cake or oil residue is used, 100-150 g of 2-year-old tree and 200-250 g of 3-4-year-old tree can be used(4 gallon planter). The temperature should be appropriate.  Humus soil is generally made of horse, cattle and sheep dung after a year of fermentation.

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It is better to use humus soil or humus soil mixed with 10% - 20% river sand or garden soil(plastic nursery trade pots). The suitable temperature of Clivia is 15 ~ 25 ℃, and the temperature difference between day and night should be kept at 7 ~ 10 ℃. Under this temperature condition, archery can blossom all the year round(72 cell trays). Cymbidium multiflorum: it blooms from April to may, with 30-50 flower stems, including 15-30 Tailan (also known as bee orchid). Clivia is a fertilizer loving plant.(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers new zealand)

The successful experience of flower growers on Cultivation of Clivia is summarized as follows: proper preparation of potters(sureroots deep cell plug trays). The leaves are shaped like rabbit ears. Cymbidium (also known as Cymbidium Cymbidium, summer orchid): flowering period from April to may, 7-15 flower stems, varieties of spring, March to April, flowering stem 3-9 flowers(five gallon pot). Therefore, the famous species are shanghaimei, Wenzhou Su, Yahuang and cuilv. For the next year to lay a material basis for flowering.

(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers new zealand)But too much fertilizer can also cause leaf rigidity and wrinkle. Lack of fertilizer will lead to long leaves, narrow, long and thin leaves(plant trays without holes). The specific planting method is as follows: in the prepared land, according to the predetermined row spacing, first dig the hole, the hole size is 30 ~ 50 cm square, the depth is 40 ~ 50 cm, when digging the hole, the surface soil and raw soil should be separated(72 cell trays bulk). Clivia is fleshy root, no root hair, like loose fertile acid soil.

In order to ensure the good growth and development of Paeonia suffruticosa, great importance must be attached to fertilization(4 inch square greenhouse pots). From the second year after planting, fertilizer should be applied at least three times a year, the first time from "spring equinox" to "Qingming", that is, 15-25 days before flowering(white plastic hanging baskets). In order to make up for the deficiency of original storage nutrients in roots or branches, it is beneficial to flowering in the same year.(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers new zealand)

It is suitable for large-scale potted and outdoor open field cultivation because of the dry pruning(v9 nursery pots), retaining 3-5 first-year-old strong branches on the plant, with 3-7 strong buds on each branch, and removing all the remaining branches. The third fertilization should be carried out in autumn and winter, which can not only store nutrients, but also help peony overwintering protection. Rabdosia: flowering in June(plastic seed trays), with 3-6 flowers on the stem.

(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers new zealand)Fertilization method: for the 2-year-old or 3-4-year-old, the method of general fertilization should be adopted(128 cell plug tray). The fine organic fertilizer should be evenly distributed in the field, with 2500-3000 kg per mu, and timely hoeing to achieve the purpose of mixing soil and manure. When the fertilizer is insufficient, the fertilizer can be applied separately or in holes(rapid rooter tray). The fertilizer should be 10-15 cm away from peony and 10-12 cm deep. Fertilizer should keep up.

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