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Cheap Microgreen Growing Trays Manufacturers Australia

For some flowers that like humidity and are more valuable(72 cell trays), such as orchid, Phalaenopsis, ducque, camellia, wind pear, etc., can be covered with plastic film to form a microclimate with appropriate humidity, which is conducive to humidification and dust prevention, cold prevention and warmth preservation, making branches and leaves more fresh and lovely(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It is in the shape of a door curtain.

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If the number of potted flowers is large, it is necessary to build a plastic greenhouse or a simple small greenhouse to make it survive the winter safely(sureroots deep cell plug trays). A small amount of potted flowers can be used to make simple insulation cover (box) to prevent cold. In the process of raising flowers at home, the use of plastic film cover is indispensable(large plastic planters cheap). The curtain can be opened or closed according to the humidity in the cover.(cheap microgreen growing trays manufacturers australia)

Other flowers that are resistant to low temperature, such as fallen leaves or not strict with light requirements(72 cell trays bulk). To keep warm and prevent cold, it is necessary to pay attention not to place the potted flowers in the door or window where the cold wind blows directly, so as to avoid the potted flowers suffering from cold damage(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). According to the different types and sizes of flowerpots, the following materials should be used.

(cheap microgreen growing trays manufacturers australia)Its main function is to keep warm and keep moisture(4 inch square greenhouse pots). The plastic film cover is mostly used in the following two situations: the flowers and trees newly inserted or just put into the pot without the original soil lump are covered with the plastic cover, which is conducive to the stem rooting and growth recovery(plastic flower pots wholesale). Flowers, such as rose, pomegranate, oleander, lotus and cactus, are placed in places with scattered light.

Plastic bags can be used to directly follow the flowerpot, so that its lower part is close to the edge of the pot(plastic seed trays), and the two corners of the top of the plastic bag are cut with about 1cm holes for air circulation. The top of the bamboo strip is about 10 cm higher than the flower abandoned plant(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale), and 3-4 small holes are cut at the top of the plastic bag to facilitate ventilation, can be placed in a cool place with poor light.(cheap microgreen growing trays manufacturers australia)

If there are water droplets flowing down the wall, it means that the humidity is too high(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale), the type material cloth should be rolled up for ventilation and humidity reduction; if the water droplets in the cover are in the form of mist, it means that the humidity in the hood is appropriate(nursery plant pots wholesale). It's warm and easy to build. 3 mm thick glass should be used at the top of the greenhouse, and the slope should be about 30 degrees.

(cheap microgreen growing trays manufacturers australia)It is necessary to build an economical and simple greenhouse in order to provide a suitable wintering place for flower cultivation in northern China(128 cell plug tray). First use 3 ~ 4 thin bamboo strips, insert them around the edge of the pot, then cover them with large plastic bags and tie them with ropes under the edge of the pot(4.33inch plastic plant pots). Family small-sized greenhouse should adopt the East-West trend of single slope lighting form.

Pay attention to the following points when building: site selection(plastic garden pots wholesale). Semi underground greenhouse is often used in family building, which can not only improve the insulation effect, but also maintain high air humidity. Several thick lead wires can be bent into a semicircle and covered with plastic film. A small opening is opened on both sides of the wire, which is about 2 cm long and 1 cm wide(plastic plant pots bulk). Use medium flowerpots.(cheap microgreen growing trays manufacturers australia)

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