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Cheap Plastic 20 Gallon Plant Pot Manufacturers China

Lemons are cultivated in large quantities in the south(72 cell trays). Grafting is suitable for planting in the north. Cuttings are mainly used in the north. Grafting methods are also used. The root system of lemon has high requirements on moisture, nutrients and soil(4.5inch square nursery pots). The potting soil should be formulated as water-permeable, water- and fertilizer-retaining, and slightly acidic culture soil.

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Many flower friends have a heart of lemon trees, hoping to breed a lemon tree by themselves, so let's talk about lemon tree reproduction(1 gallon plastic pots). There are two methods of cutting lemon and cutting, and lemon is commonly used to multiply by this method. In late May, mature branches are cut(plant start trays wholesale). Each cutting is about 6 cm in length, leaving two leaves with 4/5 cut off, cutting in clean river sand, and inserting 2/5 in sand. In summer, the high temperature should be properly shaded.

(cheap plastic 20 gallon plant pot manufacturers china)Cuttings can be made in shallow pots or wood(7 gallon plant pot). The density of the box is such that the blades of the cuttings do not touch each other. Long bean is a very common vegetable in life. Good governance is essential. The common propagation method of lemon is cutting propagation(4.5inch deep square pots). It is best to choose branches that are about annual (or close to annual, too tender and rotten), cut most of the leaves, and leave only two (or two and a half) leaves for photosynthesis.

Function, too much will not work, too much water consumption.), Cut obliquely from about 1cm below the bottom section, and insert it into the seedbed(large nursery pots). Note: The length of the branches is about 15 cm, that is, 3 or 4 nodes are selected. Put it in a semi-shadow place and cover it with a plastic film to maintain high humidity, but the moisture should not be too much, as it will cause cuttings to rot(5 gallon plant pot). The optimum temperature for rooting is about 25 ° C.

Without the use of any growth stimulating hormone, rooting takes 60-70 days, and the rooting rate is as high as 80% -90%(plastic seedling pots). When the new root grows to 3-4 cm, the seedlings can be transplanted; it is best to transplant to humic In the nutrition bowl, when the seedlings are 20 cm high, they can be planted(seedling trays wholesale). Among them, lemon is commonly used for propagation by grafting. Limes, thick lemons, and osmanthus are commonly used abroad.(cheap plastic 20 gallon plant pot manufacturers china)

The roots must be strong, and the leaves must grow several layers before they can be planted independently(round plastic plant pots). Recently, it has been proved that citron is good. In China, raccoon shells are mostly used as rootstocks, and citrus, orange, lemon (earth lemon), and mandarin orange can also be used. Excellent single plant scions are used(15 gallon plant pot). Single bud cuts are used in spring, and small buds are used in autumn. Lemon is a light plant. However, if the sun is too strong, it will not grow well.

(cheap plastic 20 gallon plant pot manufacturers china)The time of cutting and changing the pot, the rootstock of the lemon should be watered after cutting(large plastic plant pots uk). When cutting as much as possible, it can be used after autumn and early spring. It can be flexibly controlled according to the local climate. To avoid bacterial infection, generally, before completing the cutting operation, pay attention to proper shading to keep the root soil moisture(2 gallon plant pot). It usually takes years to grow fruit, so this requires a lot of patience.

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