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Cheap Plastic 200 Cell Seedling Trays Wholesale

Note: The seeds used in the planting of mimosa should be taken care of(cell trays). At this time, you can water the mimosa, so how to do the yellow leaves of the mimosa leaves, we need to find the reason before we can solve the problem. In life, many flower friends will encounter mimosa when they are raising mimosa. At this time, the flower friends must not be anxious, but should calmly find the cause(162 cell plug trays supplier). Only know the reason and solve the problem.

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The following is the prevention and control of mimosa pests and diseases, let's take a look(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Hi moist, generally suitable for sowing and breeding, there are few roots. As for how to plant mimosa, and just planted mimosa seedlings, you don’t have any of the above three things(200 cell plug trays supplier). Generally, it will close the leaves when it touches. It is super interesting. Why doesn't this mimosa bloom? What should I do if the mimosa is withered?(cheap plastic 200 cell seedling trays wholesale)

The reason why mimosa does not bloom is because the demand for its light does not meet its own requirements(black plastic nursery pots). It is best to receive a fixed light every day in order to get it to bloom. The shy herbs in winter are withered, but if the flowers are indoors, they may survive(72 cell seed trays wholesale). When stocking indoors, they should always be placed in a place with vision, then watered and fertilized. The most important thing is to keep the temperature. Above 10 degrees Celsius.

(cheap plastic 200 cell seedling trays wholesale)Therefore, if it is necessary to transplant, it should be transplanted at the seedling stage, otherwise it is not easy to survive(wholesale nursery pots). When the seedling grows to 4 leaves, it will start to apply liquid fertilizer, and 7~10 days of topdressing can be used once. When the seedlings grow to a height of 3 cm, they can be transplanted in the shallow pots(32 cell plant trays bulk). After mimosa emerges, many people like to breed. After about 7 to 10 days, the seeds sprouted and emerged. 

As a year of cultivation of mimosa, it is usually planted indoors in early spring(plastic nursery pots). You can use a small pot to broadcast live, or you can use a shallow pot to raise seedlings. The sowing soil is prepared by mixing 20% of humus soil, 30% of garden soil and 50% of fine yellow sand(50 cell plant trays bulk). When sowing, first put a proper amount of culture soil in the pot, flatten and compact it, sprinkle the water with a watering can, and immediately seed after the water is fully infiltrated.

If seedlings are grown in shallow pots, they are ordered on a distance of 2 cm x 2 cm(105 cell plant trays bulk). After sowing, cover the soil 3~5cm to cover the seeds. The basin is covered with glass or plastic film to moisturize, and the basin is placed at an astigmatism of about 20 °C. Later, when the potting soil is dry, it is filled with water by dipping(50 cell seed trays wholesale). The cover on the basin should be removed and the sunlight gradually received.(cheap plastic 200 cell seedling trays wholesale)

The seedlings should be transplanted with soil, otherwise it is not easy to survive(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After the seedlings in the basin have been watered, put them in the semi-shade, and then move to the sunny place after the seedlings are slowed down. The live broadcast in the small pot can be directly placed in the sun to grow(128 cell plant trays bulk). In the south of April, in the north of May, the seedling pots can be removed from the outdoor culture, and the potting soil is kept moist in time.

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