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Cheap Plastic Hydroponic Tray Price Online

Fertilization in bamboo gardens is quite common(cell trays). Fertilization is the main technical measure for high yield of bamboo shoots. However, improper fertilization is half the effort and affects bamboo forest growth and yield. To this end, Xiaobian compiled the technical points of bamboo shoot fertilization, for reference only(128 cell plug trays supplier). The hillside where bamboo grows requires less fertilizer, but the bamboo forest with bamboo shoots as the main harvest requires a lot of fertilizer.

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The bamboo forest with bamboo shoots as the harvest is generally fertilized four times a year(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). The first time is from May to June every year, the whip long bamboo fertilizer, the application of bio-organic fertilizer 60-80 kg. The second time is the bamboo shoot bud differentiation fertilizer from August to September, and the application of bio-organic fertilizer is 100-150 kg(72 cell plug trays supplier). The third time is the 11-December pregnancy, and the application of bio-organic fertilizer is 300-400 kg.

(cheap plastic hydroponic tray price online)After fertilization, the soil is covered to reduce the loss(black plastic nursery pots). It is mainly used in the steep slope bamboo forest. The bamboo is placed on the slope of the bamboo to dig the hole, and the bio-organic fertilizer is placed to cover the soil. The newly planted bamboo forest can also be poured in the vicinity of the bamboo plant with diluted manure(200 cell seed starting trays), excrement or urea in the spring and summer, to promote the development of roots and shoot bamboo shoots and new whip.

It is necessary to timely supplement the nutrients needed for bamboo growth in order to harvest more high-quality bamboo shoots(105 cell seed starter trays). The plant is to open a half-moon ditch at a distance of 30 cm in the direction of the uphill slope of the bamboo, about 15 cm deep, and the soil is covered after fertilization(72 cell propagation trays). The fourth time is the bamboo shoot fertilizer in April of the following year, and the application of bio-organic fertilizer is 80-100 kg.

After Chenglin, each year(plastic nursery pots wholesale), the spring bamboo shoots are harvested with about 1,000 kilograms per mu of manure and excrement, and the holes left by the bamboo shoots are applied, and the other parts are opened for fertilization, so that the fertilizer distribution of the whole forest is even. Cover the soil with fertilizer after it has been applied(32 cell seed starter trays). Fertilization is mainly to promote the growth of Hsinchu and the development of new whip, and to make the mother bamboo quickly recover vigorously.(cheap plastic hydroponic tray price online)

It also has a warming effect on the whip and root(wholesale nursery pots). Apply 50 kg of urea per acre, about 100 tons of decomposed manure, and turn it into 20-25 cm deep into the soil to promote the growth of bamboo whip. August-September, when applying bamboo shoot fertilizer or germination fertilizer, it is advisable to apply low-concentration liquid fertilizer(plant start trays wholesale), which can spray 2,000 times of human and animal urine 2-4 times, or apply 50 kg of compound fertilizer per acre after shallow application. Bamboo shoots grow.

From November to December, about 150 tons of urea per acre of fertilizer, 50 kg to promote the growth of bamboo shoots(plastic nursery pots). Before February of the second year, before the application of bamboo shoots, the main fertilizers such as urea or human excrement are mainly used, 30 kg of urea per mu or human urine and manure are poured into water to promote the growth of bamboo shoots(200 cell seed starter trays), increase the weight of individual bamboo shoots, and prolong In the bamboo shoot period, improve the bamboo and bamboo.

(cheap plastic hydroponic tray price online)From May to June, the application of "shaped whip fertilizer", mainly based on vegetarian fertilizers and organic fertilizers(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In the autumn, the fertilization of 1000-1500 kg of compost per acre is evenly removed, and it is turned into the soil to promote the development of bamboo shoots on bamboo shoots(seedling trays wholesale). Fertilization method Fertilizer is applied by ditch application or point application of organic fertilizer and deep burying to avoid floating whip.

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