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Cheap Plastic Bonsai Pots Wholesale Suppliers Peru

Long day treatment can delay the flowering period of short day plants(128 cell seed trays wholesale). For example, before the flower bud is not differentiated (late August), the chrysanthemum is supplemented with light every day, so that the daily light exposure time is more than 12 hours, the flower bud formation can be inhibited and the flowering is delayed(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). On the contrary, light adding method can also be used to make the flowers bloom earlier.

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The branches are slender and long, the internodes are longer, the leaves are thin and weak, and the color is light green, which is caused by insufficient light(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Chemical treatment using plant growth regulators to treat flowers can break dormancy, promote flower bud differentiation and blossom ahead of time. After 50-60 days of this treatment, the flowers can bloom ahead of time(blow molded nursery pots). Flower diseases can be divided into physiological diseases and infectious diseases.(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale suppliers peru)

If 200 ~ 400 mg / kg gibberellin was used to treat Hydrangea, Dapeng and cherry blossom, it was effective to break dormancy(plug trays wholesale). This method can make short day flowers bloom ahead of time, such as chrysanthemum, poinsettia, Phyllanthus, crab claw and so on. This kind of flower is abandoned after vigorous growth, and even cause withering and death(72 cell seed trays wholesale), and the whole plant is covered tightly with black cloth (or black plastic) and only 8-10 hours of light is given every day.

(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale suppliers peru)But these two kinds of diseases are closely related and cause and effect each other(greenhouse supplies pots). Flowers and other plants, in the process of their growth and development, often because of bacterial infection or adverse environmental conditions, leading to poor growth, or make its leaves deformed, discolored, or form a variety of disease spots on the branches and leaves(sureroot plug trays bulk), affecting the ornamental value of flowers and causing economic losses, all of which are caused by diseases.

Physiological diseases are caused by unsuitable environmental conditions(seed starter trays), such as excessive or insufficient water, too strong or insufficient light, too high or too low temperature, insufficient or maladjustment of nutrition, and smoke and harmful gas pollution. Infectious diseases are caused by biological infection. The main organisms causing flower diseases are fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes, and mycoplastids(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), among which the most common diseases are fungi.

The disease infected by bacteria can spread rapidly under suitable environmental conditions, so it must be prevented and controlled in time(wholesale nursery pots). When the growth of flowers is weak, it is easy to cause diseases: sometimes the flowers are damaged by insects, which will also lead to the occurrence of diseases(72 cell plug trays supplier). The cultivation measures include sowing, supporting, pruning and picking at different stages of flowering to control the flowering period.(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale suppliers peru)

The sunshine time should be increased or the light source should be moved closer(wholesale greenhouse pots). The leaves are curly and yellow, and the new leaves are not long, which is caused by too much light. The light source should be properly shaded or moved away. The reason of water shortage is that the leaves in the lower part of the plant fall off(128 cell trays bulk). Watering should be done in time, every time watering should be sufficient, not half water, to make the basin soil all wet.

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