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Cheap Plastic Cell Seedling Trays Suppliers Kenya

The sand content can reach 85%~100%(plastic plant pots bulk), while the content of fine soil is only 0~15%. Significantly acidic flowers (p4~5): Du Peng flower, hydrangea, gardenia, purple duck grass, coleus, pteridophyte, orchid, pear family, etc. It can make the plant stem and root system grow stronger before it grows(200 cell seed starter trays), the stems and leaves will be elongated, and it can enhance the resistance to diseases and insect pests and cold resistance.

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The sand is aerated and permeable to light(4 inch square greenhouse pots). It has strong heat absorption and rapid soil temperature rise. It is suitable for germinating seedlings or as a supporting substrate, but it has poor water retention, is easy to dry early, and has low nutrients. It is the soil for small seedlings but not old seedlings(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). The nutrient elements needed by flowers are not necessarily solved by fertilization. Phosphate fertilizer is also called fruit fertilizer.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers kenya)Among them, the seedling stage of flowers or foliage-like flowers should be mainly ammonia fertilizer(large plastic planters cheap). Among them, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and it is not easy to fall down, and sulfur account for a few percent to a few thousandths of the dry matter of flowers and plantsV. Sand is a kind of soil dominated by sand. is generally applied from spring to early summer. Sand of various sizes can be seen.

They are called macronutrient elements, or macroelement for short(128 cell plug tray): iron, hammer, copper The content of zinc, zinc, boron, and chlorine accounts for a few ten thousandths to one hundred thousandths of the dry matter weight of flowers, or even lower, and are called micronutrient elements, or trace elements for short(nursery plant pots wholesale). Therefore, the application of ammonia fertilizer should be stopped before the flowers enter the yawing period.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers kenya)

If the ammonia fertilizer is applied in the later stage of plant growth and development, and the buds will not mature at last, which will seriously affect the flowering and fruit setting(plastic seed trays). Excessive application of ammonia fertilizer makes the stems and leaves weak and easy to avoid pests. The artificially prepared soil can be fully mixed with 20% clay, 30%-40% silt, and 30%-40% sand(6.35cm square grow pots).  Potash fertilizer will not cause fertilizer damage due to excessive application.

(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers kenya)The results of modern plant nutrition research show that there are 16 kinds of nutrients necessary to maintain the normal growth, flowering and fruiting of flowers(72 cell trays). It can promote the differentiation of flower buds and gestational zone, make the flowers big and bright, fruity and plump, the stems and leaves are full, and the plants are strong(plastic flower pots wholesale). Phosphate fertilizers are usually most effective when applied in the later stages of plant growth.

Because flowers require a lot of nitrogen, phosphorus(plastic garden pots wholesale), and potassium, and the supply in the soil often cannot meet the needs of flower growth and development, it must be solved by timely fertilization, so people call nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium the "three elements of fertilizer." Ammonia fertilizer is also called leaf fertilizer(104 cell seed starting trays). It can promote the vigorous growth of flowers, luxuriant branches and leaves, and dark green leaves.(cheap plastic cell seedling trays suppliers kenya)

Therefore, more phosphate fertilizer can be applied before flowering and after hanging the fruit(72 cell trays bulk). Plants have the ability to store phosphate fertilizers in their bodies, and they can be used according to growth needs. For flowers that have been placed indoors for a long time, photosynthesis will be weakened due to insufficient light(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots), so a large amount of potassium fertilizer can be applied to improve the efficiency of photosynthesis.

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