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Cheap Plastic Flower Pot Wholesale Price Puerto Rico

It takes 20 to 30 years for this form to take shape, and it is natural, so it is rare now(mushroom growing trays). It is mainly used for Podocarpus and other tree species. "Big bend and vertical branch": the main trunk is tied into a big bend, and a drooping big branch is grafted upside down in the inner bend, and the branch tip hangs over the bottom of the basin(thermoform pots). The whole tree is divided into 10 ~ 14 branches and arranged on the left and right sides.

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This form is similar to the general cliff type(72 plug tray). The big curved and vertical branches are mostly used for the following tree species, such as Begonia, Malus pendula, pomegranate, Ginkgo biloba and Podocarpus grosvenorii. t needs to be smooth and slightly downward(bulk 14 gallon pots). Rolling branch type": that is to say, the branches are arranged evenly in the whole space of the tree crown without hierarchical arrangement or forming "branch disk".(cheap plastic flower pot wholesale price puerto rico)

There are mainly the following three branch methods: "flat branch type"(v12 nursery pots): that is to use brown silk to climb and bend the branches to form oval or fan-shaped branches, which is called "branch disk". I"Straight body coronation": for the tree embryo whose trunk is too thick to be bent, only one or two bending of the top branch is needed, which is like wearing a crown(bulk 15 gallon pots). This form forms quickly, but the material is difficult to choose.

(cheap plastic flower pot wholesale price puerto rico)Straight body coronation is mostly used for golden marbles, Ginkgo biloba, Lagerstroemia indica and other tree species(v13 nursery pots). The flat branch type is suitable for all kinds of trunk forms mentioned above. "Half flat and half rolling style": that is to say, it is a form of combining "flat branch type" and "rolling branch type"(bulk 20 gallon pots). Sichuan school's regular bonsai trees are all cut and tied with brown silk, which is called "Silk method".

There is also a changed flat branch type(nursery tray price), which can not only branch from left to right, but also branch from front to back, which can be combined with the main form of "off turn" and "rolling dragon holding column". The branches and plates in Chengdu bonsai are generally drooping and large, which are called "hanging plates"(greenhouse trays and pots); the branches and plates in Chongqing bonsai are generally horizontal, called "flat plates".(cheap plastic flower pot wholesale price puerto rico)

Old women's dressing is mostly used for tree species such as golden marbles(50 cell plug flats). In addition to the main form mentioned above, we should also flexibly use the "comprehensive method" of tree modeling. "The branches can have flat curved branches, vertical curved branches, oblique curved branches and recurved branches(13cm plastic grow pots). This form is relatively free, only the whole plant is required to be complete and form a cone.

(cheap plastic flower pot wholesale price puerto rico)In the early stage(elfin thyme plug tray), it was formed into a framework of branches with flat curved branches, on which there were vertical curved branches and oblique curved branches, and then evolved into flat branches year by year. This form is used for tree species with weak branching force and sparse branches, such as Malus pendula, etc(small plastic hanging baskets). Regular trees are not only shown in the trunk shape, but also in the branch shape (the so-called "branch method").

"Old woman's dressing up": after the new branches grow out of the old stumps with peculiar posture(288 cell tray), one or three branches are selected as the trunk and cut and tied to look like an old woman's dressing. If two branches are left as the trunk, it is called "double head"; if three branches are left as the trunk, it is called "three out of the head"(propagation trays for cuttings). The rolling branch type can be divided into "big rolling branch" and "small rolling branch".(cheap plastic flower pot wholesale price puerto rico)

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