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Cheap Plastic One Gallon Pot Manufacturers In China

Cauliflower is a common vegetable variety in our life(72 cell seed trays wholesale). It is rich in nutrition and has a wide market. It is widely planted in China. So, do you know when to harvest broccoli? How to harvest it? What is the harvest standard? The following editor will tell you about the methods of harvesting broccoli and the post harvest treatment(18 inch plant pot). Timely harvesting is the guarantee of yield and quality of cauliflower.

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The days from the appearance of the flower ball to harvest of cauliflower vary with varieties and climate(72 cell trays bulk). When the temperature of early maturing varieties is relatively high, the formation of flower balls is fast, and they will be harvested in about 20 days. The formation of flower balls is sometimes very inconsistent between individual plants, and should be collected by stages(small potting pots). It is strictly prohibited to harvest at noon.(cheap plastic one gallon pot manufacturers in china)

The standard of cauliflower harvesting is that the flower ball is fully grown, the surface is round, and the edge is not yet scattered(blow molded nursery pots). Early harvest affects the yield, too late the surface of the flower ball is uneven, yellow color, poor quality. To keep the flower ball white and tender, stop watering 4-5 days before picking(plastic tree containers). Generally, cauliflower bulbs are bare, with high water content, and can be harvested when the texture is crisp and tender.

(cheap plastic one gallon pot manufacturers in china)When harvesting, it is necessary to handle with care, pick and handle with care, and select the flower ball that is fully grown, with round surface and edge buds not scattered(grow bags manufacturers). Generally, it is harvested at 4-5 p.m. and leaves of 2-3 rounds are left under the white flower ball. If it is used for artificial plant storage, it is necessary to harvest with roots and leaves(65 gallon grow bags). Harvesting shall be carried out at 6-7 a.m. or 4-5 p.m. on a sunny day.

It is not suitable to pick in rainy days(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). Stainless steel cutters shall be used as harvesting tools. After mining, put it into the plastic turnover box. Pay attention to protect the flower balls when stacking. The basket shall not be too full to avoid crushing and damaging the flower balls. The basket surface shall be covered with a layer of leaves to prevent water and evaporation(200 gallon grow bags). It is strictly prohibited to use wicker baskets or bamboo baskets for shipment.

The respiratory intensity of the flower ball increased rapidly after harvest, so precooling should be carried out quickly(bulk 10 gallon pots). Put the cauliflower product in a cool and ventilated place in time, shade during the day and open at night, so that a large number of field heat and respiratory heat can be distributed as soon as possible(grow bag greenhouse). If there is a cold storage, reduce the temperature to 4-5 ℃, and use ventilation facilities to quickly reduce the temperature of vegetables.(cheap plastic one gallon pot manufacturers in china)

The selection and dressing is to select the flower bulbs with a diameter of about 15cm(bulk 14 gallon pots), compact, white, pest free and mechanical injury free, leaving 3-5 leaves, and to cut off the old flower stems at the lower part with a stainless steel cutter. When the cauliflower flower ball is just exposed(20 inch plastic planter), the leaves around the flower ball can be folded up and tied gently with straw rope, or 1-2 leaves near the flower ball can be broken and covered on the flower ball.

(cheap plastic one gallon pot manufacturers in china)In late autumn and winter, it usually takes about one month for middle late varieties(bulk 15 gallon pots). Precooling is fast and stable under natural temperature. Now, the cold truck or cold container is used for transportation, and the temperature shall be strictly controlled at about 0 ℃ during the whole transportation process(smart grow pots). However, it takes more than 20 days for late maturing varieties to harvest from the emergence of flower balls in spring.

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