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With the development of the times, people attach great importance to the expression of artistic personality, and always like works with distinct personality(plastic grow pots). Stereotyped bonsai is no longer popular. Chinese bonsai has always been paying attention to poetic and picturesque, which includes the expression of personality(plant start trays wholesale). This excellent tradition is promoting the continuous innovation and development of modern bonsai art.

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This shows that the bonsai art originally originated from nature has gradually lost its natural beauty(square nursery pots). Therefore, the development of bonsai will be more and more personalized. On the basis of inheriting the tradition, Chinese bonsai has carried on the innovation from many aspects, among which the most prominent point is to pay attention to the natural modeling(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). With the modernization of society, people are far away from nature and yearn for nature.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale south korea)

This is the artistic conception of bonsai art(cell trays). In the old times, due to the influence of the aesthetic taste of bonsai appreciators, there were more and more artificial elements in bonsai. For example, some traditional Chinese Bonsai styles, such as the Dragon style and the square crutch style, blindly pursue the bending of the branches and are divorced from the reality(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). Human beings come from nature, and it is human nature to be close to nature, which leads to bonsai that shows nature. 

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale south korea)In recent years, this is the most basic requirement of creating bonsai(propagation tray). The forms of bonsai are various, and the modeling is ever-changing, mainly depends on the artistic expression techniques. First of all, the expression method should be based on the theme. The establishment of the theme should also focus on the conception(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). Today, as a miniature of natural scenery, bonsai art, to a certain extent, caters to people's psychological needs and tends to natural form.

Bonsai modeling should have artistic beauty, and the connotation of artistic conception should be far-reaching(plug trays), so that people can not only see the scenery, but also stimulate feelings through the scenery, and have association with the scenery, so as to appreciate the artistic conception outside the scene. Any art form has its limitations, and bonsai is no exception, which is mainly determined by the characteristics of bonsai materials(black plastic plant pots). It's too late to ask the fallen flowers. "(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale south korea)

The artistry of bonsai is also reflected in the method of "contrast"(gallon nursery pots). The comparison includes subject and object, height, size, distance, density, simplicity, falseness and reality, concealment of dew, rigidity and softness, cleverness and clumsiness, as well as color(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). It is required that the contrast can be reconciled and the changes can be unified, so as to achieve the state of "seeking novelty in the ordinary" and "similarity in dissimilarity".

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale south korea)However, as an art, bonsai is bound to be inseparable from human creation(gallon plant pot). For example, tree modeling is limited by the characteristics of tree species and the natural morphology of tree embryo, and the modeling of rock is limited by the texture and natural shape of stone(flat plastic tray). For example, in the bonsai "Gui Qiao Tu" in shuizao, Professor Xu Xiaobai wrote a poem because of the scenery and feeling: "the small bridge is slanting, and there are people in the deep.

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