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Here is a brief introduction to the commonly used soils for general flowers, especially the flowers that like acid soil, such as Du Peng, Michelia, tuberose, coleus, Clivia, etc.(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia), suitable for growth in soil with pH 5.0-6.0, otherwise it will easily occur Iron deficiency yellow disease(15cm plastic plant pots). There are many ways to change the pH of the cultivated soil. 

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If the labor is not allocated in time, it will seriously affect the growth of the seedlings, reduce the quality and specifications of the seedlings, and delay The growth of seedlings(128 cell trays), the finished high-quality seedlings that could be sold in the previous year, may become available for sale in the second year, reverse fertilizer, resulting in a waste of time and economic losses(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia).

If the final product is large seedlings or finished seedlings, in order to be responsible to customers and meet the requirements of seedling production management technical specifications(10cm flower pot), hierarchical transplantation can be carried out within the seedling raising cycle(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia). A flat bed can be made in a place with high dryness and good drainage, and a high level bed in a place with low humidity(16cm plastic plant pot). 

In addition, some evergreen plants with cut leaves are also suitable for growing in acid soil(72 cell seed trays). When planting in the north, attention should be paid to adjusting the pH of the soil, otherwise the flowers will not grow well. The area of each bed should be lm×3m to facilitate the operation of transplanting seedlings and field management(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia). The growth potential of test-tube plantlets is weak at the beginning of transplantation.

For example, when the acidity is too high, some lime powder or plant ash can be appropriately mixed in the soil fill; when the alkalinity is too high, an appropriate amount of aluminum sulfate, ferrous sulfate or humus fertilizer can be added(200 cell seedling trays). Generally, there are flexible control of local conditions(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia). The most arduous task in the nursery during the growing season is the intertillage and weeding in the small seedling area(40 cell plug tray).

To meet the needs of flowers in acid-loving soil, potted flowers can be watered with a 1:100 aqueous solution of aluminum sulfate (and phosphate fertilizer should be added at the same time), or a 1:200 aqueous solution of ferrous sulfate(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia). Generally, it is applied once every 10-20 days(50 cell plug flats). Go over the flat target, pick up the intrusions in the soil, and pay attention to the prevention and control of soil pests and pathogens.

Because the test tube seedlings are usually small and the tissues are young, the soil preparation requires deep turning and fine-tuning, the soil particles should be fine, and the bed surface should be flat(105 cell plant trays). The amount of weeding in the small seedling area is 10 times that of the large seedling area of the same area(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia). This can promote the occurrence of fibrous roots and hairy roots and improve the absorption capacity of roots.

After the seedbed is completed, before the transfer of the test tube seedlings (0 days(40 cell seed tray inserts), it is best to spray the herbicide of the mulching type Shatianyoujing weed (The application of herbicides must be based on scientific experiments in advance and cannot be used blindly)(20 cell plant trays). Lift the seedling with the left hand and re soil with the right hand, and gently press the floating soil around the neck of the small seedling root(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia).

The transplanting method: Before transplanting, the ground should be prepared(14 cm plastic plant pots). One week before transplanting, the seedbed should be filled with foot water to ensure that the soil wall is in good condition and prevent the test-tube seedlings from losing water and wilting in the early stage of transplanting(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia). After each seedbed is planted, the ditches on both sides of the seedbed shall be filled with water immediately.

For example, the transplanted test-tube seedlings are herbaceous flowers with a small shape, and the planting row spacing is about 20cm×30cm(105 cell seed trays); if the planting is a large woody flower Abandon, the plant row spacing is generally 30m×50cm or 50cm×80cm is more appropriate(18 cell seed starting trays). Pay attention not to overflow the bed surface(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia). In the first 3 ~ 4 days after transplanting, build a bacteria shelter tank on the seedling bed. 

Finally, reasonable close planting can save land, facilitate management and cultivate better plant types(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia). In addition, the long-term application of rotten organic fertilizer, such as domestic animal and poultry manure, fox manure, cake preparation, green manure, plant ash, etc.(32 cell tray), can effectively change the physical properties of the soil, making the soil filling and preparation fertile, loose, water conservation, ventilation, etc.

Generally, if the product planned to be sold is small seedlings or semi-finished seedlings, the growth space provided by the above plant row spacing can meet the needs of their growth and development(72 cell seedling trays). Transplanting time and planting density: transplanting shall be carried out on cloudy days, such as sunny or cloudy weather(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia). For herbaceous flowers, the seedling body is small and the seedling raising cycle is short.

The growth space provided by the above plant row spacing can fully meet their nutritional needs(seedling tray 128 holes); For woody flowers, the early growth rate of test tube seedlings after transfer is relatively slow compared with supporting seedlings or grafted seedlings(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia). You can use a drug shelter net or reed box, forest adhesive foil, grass curtain, etc.(24 cell seed trays), especially avoid exposure at noon. Be sure to choose to do it in the evening. 

At this time, after compaction, the soil surface shall be level with the neck of the small seedling root, and the water shall be poured in time to make the seedling root in close contact with the soil(pp woven ground cover). Generally, the hole planting method is adopted, that is, a flower shovel is used to control a small hole on the seedling bed to determine the plant row spacing, and the bottom of the small hole is conical(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia).

The preparation of the culture soil should be based on the flower habits and the nature of the culture soil(50 deep cell plug trays). The top of the circle cone is about 5 ~ 8cm away from the bed surface(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia). The roots of the seedlings are evenly distributed on the surface of the small cone at the bottom of the hole. If weeds are not removed in time, it may reduce the survival rate of test-tube plantlets or prolong the growth of seedlings. cycle.

Pay attention to the stretching of the roots and do not nest roots(10.5 cm plant pots). The initial management after field transplanting is mainly shading and water management. No base fertilizer can be applied before transplanting(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia). Thin nutrient solution can be sprayed on the leaf surface about 1 week after transplanting(black plastic ground cover). After about 3 ~ 4 weeks, It can be managed according to the general field seedling raising technical specifications.

Most of them are not directly transplanted to the field, but transplanted through containers (nutrient cups, seedling diaphragms, seedling boxes, ceramic pots, etc.), combining test tube Micropropagation with container seedling cultivation for intensive management, which is the mainstream of today's plant industrialized seedling cultivation technology(200 cell trays). Ensure the survival rate of colonization after going abroad in the future(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale estonia).

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