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All types of basic media are introduced, and no complex natural nutrient mixtures and plant growth regulators are included(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). Various media have their characteristics and scope of application. It is necessary to add a small amount of IAA or IBA to the medium to induce rooting, or reduce the inorganic salt concentration of the medium(8 inch plastic pots). The concentration of stock solution should not be too high. Some plants are difficult to grow roots.

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Generally, each ml of stock solution contains 0.5 ~ LMG auxin, which is stored in brown storage solution, labeled and stored in refrigerator at low temperature(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). In this way, each drug only needs to be weighed once, can be used for many times, and the error caused by multiple weighing can be reduced(3x6 grow tray). The most widely used medium is MS medium, especially MS medium is used in most of the original culture of flower and plant group.

Its remarkable feature is that it contains a high amount of Nitrogen, potassium, and nitrate are used in a large amount, and they also contain a certain amount of ammonium salt(5 inch plastic flower pots). is used to induce the formation of sprouts or embryoid bodies from callus tissue, called differentiation medium; used to induce rooting of regenerated seedlings, called rooting medium(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). In rapid propagation, it is more convenient to often use the second method.

A medium is suitable for differentiation of explants, but not necessarily suitable for maintenance culture(nursery supplies plastic pots), and even less suitable for callus differentiation and rooting(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). Therefore, it is necessary to select or mix the medium according to the purpose of the experiment. Generally, the concentration of mother liquor can be determined according to the amount of culture medium(bulk pots for succulents). It is necessary to prevent precipitation when mixing various salts.

The above medium can generally be divided into the following types according to its test purposes(20 inch plastic flower pots): The medium used for explant culture and inducing the production of callus is called induction medium, also known as dedifferentiation medium; induced callus The tissue needs a medium to allow it to continue to grow(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). Anthurium, snapdragon, spearmint, stevia and other differentiation media only need to add cytokinin. 

The differentiation medium of lily, tangyingpu, hyacinth, etc(plastic pots that look like terracotta). requires the addition of more than one cytokinin and auxin(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). For the rooting medium, some plants such as tobacco, wolfberry, nightshade, etc. only need to insert the regenerated seedlings without roots into the basic medium without any phytohormone to grow good roots(4x8 grow tray). When inducing callus, different explants often require different plant hormones. 

In order to reduce the workload and improve the work efficiency, when preparing the culture medium, a concentrated solution with a concentration 10-100 times higher than the required concentration is prepared, and it can be diluted proportionally when used(20 inch plastic plant pots). This concentrated solution is customarily called mother liquor(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). Therefore, its formula is rich in nutrients and can fully meet the needs of rapid growth of the culture.

When the culture does not transfer for a long time, it can still maintain its survival(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). The differentiation of flower and discarded plant tissues such as petunia, four seasons, geranium, chrysanthemum, fuchsia, etc. requires the addition of a certain concentration of cytokinin and a small amount of auxin to the medium(9 inch plastic plant pots). According to the different functions of the culture medium, the corresponding names are given respectively.

Store the mother liquor in a dry refrigerator at low temperature (2 ~ 4 ℃)(10 inch plastic flower pots). There are two methods to prepare mother liquor. One method is to prepare mother liquor into a single compound solution; The other method is to prepare the mother liquor into mixed solutions of several different compounds(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). The advantage of the second method is that it saves time and labor when preparing the same culture medium in large quantities(black plastic growers pots).

Pay attention to the order of mixing, stagger calcium ion (CA), magnesium ion (mg), sulfate (so) and phosphate (PO), avoid the reaction between khpo and MgSO and CAC, and combine with each other to form calcium sulfate precipitation and calcium phosphate precipitation(plastic flower pot price). Therefore, various inorganic salts should be fully dissolved before mixing(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). Although the mother liquor is resistant to storage, its accuracy is poor.

The advantage of the first method is that it is more convenient if more kinds of culture media need to be prepared frequently(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). A large number of elements in the culture medium generally have 5 ~ 6 kinds of inorganic salts(rapid rooter tray). After the mother liquor is prepared, a label shall be attached, indicating the preparation date, mother liquor multiple and name(3 gallon pots for plants). For example, using 12 or 14 MS medium to induce rooting can often obtain good results.

In addition, when mixing various inorganic salts, the dilution should be large, mix slowly, and then stir while mixing(polypropylene plant pots). An industrial balance with an accuracy of 11000 or 1100 can be used to weigh a large number of elements, while an analytical balance of l10000 or 410000 should be used to weigh trace elements(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). Meanwhile, a volumetric flask shall be used for the preparation of mother liquor to avoid large volume error.

Because the amount of trace elements in the culture medium is very small, the concentration of mother liquor can be more than 100 times higher(decorating plastic plant pots). Iron salt must be prepared separately because it is easy to precipitate when mixed with other mother liquor(7 inch plastic flower pots). When preparing mother liquor, it should be noted that the concentration multiple of mother liquor is too high or too low, which is not ideal(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). The multiple is too high.

Auxins (NAA, IAA, IBA, 2.4-D) are dissolved with 5 ~ 10ml of 95% alcohol, slowly added with water to fix the solution, or heated to facilitate the solution(11 inch plastic plant pots). Among them, the most varied are various additional substances, such as natural nutrient mixtures, plant hormones and so on. This medium is called a secondary medium(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). If the multiple of mother liquor is too low, it is troublesome to prepare it frequently and is not resistant to storage.

Since a large number of elements are inorganic salts, they are relatively resistant to storage, and the mother liquor concentration is generally 10 ~ 50 times(plastic planters for sale). Different kinds of additional substances can be dissolved with appropriate solvents, and then add water to fix the volume after dissolution(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale lebanon). When preparing the mixed mother liquor of trace elements, pay attention to the addition sequence of drugs to avoid precipitation(black plastic pots wholesale).

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