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After the tissues and cells grow on the medium for a certain period of time, due to the reduction of nutrients, water evaporation and drying of the medium, the growth rate of the culture slows down, even turns brown and stops growing(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). In addition, the soluble nutrients in the soil fill can also form new precipitates, such as calcium phosphate, etc., which are transformed into difficult-to-active nutrients(12cm plastic plant pots).

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For the upper, middle and lower segments of a scale, the regeneration ability of the lower segment is stronger(10cm plastic plant pots). During the maintenance culture, it should be considered that the old culture medium may contain some metabolic products that are not conducive to the further growth of tissues or cells(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). There is no obvious boundary between the above-mentioned types of soil nutrients, but in a dynamic equilibrium.

In solid culture(8 cell plug trays), the culture can be picked out and placed on fresh medium(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). This culture method has good proliferation effect, but it has more equipment investment and covers a large area. These water-soluble nutrients come from the decomposition products of soil minerals or organic matter(pp woven ground cover). This type of nutrient star molecular state, such as organic acids and sugars formed by the decomposition of organic substances.

Therefore, the old liquid should be removed as much as possible(fabric grow bags wholesale). The culture medium in the culture bottle is not directly filled too much. The comparison test results of liquid static shallow culture and solid culture show that the liquid culture seedlings are strong, the root system is developed, and the transfer is easier to survive(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). The regeneration ability of different parts of lily stem spreading forbidden film is very different.

The other 13 species were absorbed by roots from soil fill(13cm plastic plant pots). This method has many advantages, such as large nutrient absorption area, fast nutrient exchange and supplement, easy diffusion of metabolic waste discharged from plant tissues, weak self inhibition effect, absence of harmful impurities that are not conducive to growth in the culture medium, etc(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). Nutrient type soil contains various nutrients for plant growth.

In order to meet the needs of plant growth for nutrients, we must first understand the nutritional status of soil(4 cell seed starting trays). According to the source of nutrients, the difficulty of dissolution and its availability to plants, soil nutrients can be divided into the following five types(12 cell seed trays). Water soluble nutrients and water active nutrients are nutrients in soil solution, which are highly effective for plants and can be easily absorbed and utilized by plants(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia).

Most of the water-soluble nutrients are mineral salts, which are actually ionic nutrients, such as K, Ni, MGG, CA in cations and no in anions, which are higher than the salts composed of Po and 8oz(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). Substitution nutrients can be regarded as a direct source of water-soluble nutrients(cheap plastic hanging baskets). The substitutional nutrients and water-soluble nutrients in the soil fill are constantly transforming each other and are in dynamic equilibrium.

Among them, slow-acting nutrients Slow-acting nutrients refer to nutrients released from certain soil minerals that are easier to decompose(v9 plastic pots). Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen mainly come from air and water, and some water active nutrients are talkable organic substances of Xindan(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). Alternative nutrients alternative nutrients are nutrients adsorbed on the clay glass colloid, mainly cationic K, NC, Mg and other nutrients(v11 plastic pots).

Some positive colloids also have adsorbed acid radical ionic nutrients(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). However, the inactive nutrients account for a large proportion of the total nutrients, and they are an important reserve and basic source of plant nutrients. The H value of most soil fills is between 4.0 and 9.0(black plastic ground cover). These nutrients cannot be used by plants temporarily, but as the microorganisms die and decompose, the nutrients are quickly released.

Soil is the medium for plant growth, and most of the nutrients absorbed by plants come from soil percentage(14 cm plastic plant pots). Liquid shallow static culture also solves the contradiction between ventilation and support (when the volume of the culture is too small, a polyurethane foam block can be added to the bottom of the bottle)(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). It is customary to combine replacement nutrients and water-soluble nutrients as quick-acting nutrients.

Therefore(19cm plastic plant pot), from the perspective of the soil itself, whether this adsorptive nutrient is easily absorbed by plants depends on a series of factors such as the amount of adsorption, ion saturation, and the type and concentration of ions in the solution(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). In liquid culture, centrifugation can be used to remove the old fluid and add fresh culture fluid(plastic hanging baskets wholesale); it is also possible to use a straw to suck up the old fluid and add fresh culture fluid.

For example, slow-acting potassium includes potassium in the easily weathered mineral hydromica (illite), potassium in a part of the primary mineral biotite, and potassium ions fixed by clay layered minerals(v12 plastic pots). Slow-acting potassium usually accounts for less than 2% of the total potassium in the soil, and the highest amount can reach 6%(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). The slow-acting potassium in the soil rate is the reserve of quick-acting potassium(20 cell seed trays).

In terms of scales, the regeneration ability of the outer layer is stronger than that of the inner layer(6 cell seed trays). Insoluble nutrients are mainly the nutrients contained in the original minerals of soil fill (such as cortisol, muscovite and orthoclase), which are generally difficult to dissolve and not easily absorbed by plants(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). But this part of the nutrients is easier to decompose than the nutrients in the original minerals in the soil during the new precipitation. 

In other words(18 cell seed trays), different types of nutrients can be transformed into each other(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). Therefore, in general, the nutrients contained in the microorganisms can be regarded as effective, while only a small part of the nutrients contained in the soil organic matter are effective(plastic ground cover for weed control). That is to say, the nutrient adsorbed by the soil colloid is a kind of substitutional ion, which often has a substitution reaction with the ions in the soil solution. 

It must be transferred back into fresh medium, which is called subculture. In addition, insoluble nutrients(9cm plastic plant pots). Soil organic matter and nutrients in microorganisms Most of the nutrients in soil organic matter need to be decomposed by microorganisms before they can be absorbed and utilized by plants(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale indonesia). Therefore, soil-filled microorganisms absorb some of the effective nutrients in the soil during their life activities.

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