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Generally, some plant tissues will secrete brown, brown and other phenolic substances when they are cut, which will stop the growth of the culture material, lose the ability to differentiate, and finally brown and die(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan). In this temperature range, there are the lowest limit temperature, the highest limit temperature and the optimum temperature, namely "three base points of temperature"(custom plant pot). 

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This is the so-called phenol pollution(6 inch nursery pots). Due to different cultivation purposes, different plant materials, and to solve the adverse reactions during the cultivation process, it is sometimes necessary to add some other ingredients to the culture medium, such as activated carbon, antioxidants, mutagens, and so on(10 inch nursery pots). When the acidity of the medium is too large or the sterilization time is too long, the medium will become soft(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan).

Therefore, anti-phenol oxidation agents are generally used such as dithiothreitol, glutathione, cysteine and its hydrochloride, ascorbic acid and thioethanol(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan). Commonly used growth inhibitors are phlorizin, paclobutrazol, triiodobenzoic acid, phloroglucinol, chlormequat and so on(5 gallon plant pots). Wash the wound surface of the newly cut explant with an antioxidant solution, or add it to the surface of the fixed medium after filter sterilization.

Therefore, the appropriate medium should be selected according to the type and part of the plant(large plastic planters). According to the different requirements of temperature conditions for the growth and development of different types of vegetables, the classified management of temperature is carried out(plug plant trays). The dosage is generally 1~7mg L(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan). In addition, it should be noted that different plant materials are adapted to different antibiotics.

Adding growth inhibitors to the medium can often increase the rate of differentiation and emergence of certain plants such as Chinese rose and Qiuhailiang(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan). The main role of "growth inhibitors" is to regulate the plant's endogenous and exogenous hormones to help induce certain physiological changes and morphological formation of the culture(plastic plant pots wholesale). At the same time, antibiotics also have an inhibitory effect on the growth of plant tissues.

The amount of agar is generally 5~10gL, if too much is added, the medium will be too hard, so that the culture material cannot absorb the nutrients in the medium well, causing the culture material to dry and die(custom plastic pots); if the amount is too small, the medium will be too soft and make the culture The material is unstable in the culture medium and even sinks(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan). The activated carbon was evenly distributed in the culture medium(plastic plant pots nz).

Commonly used antibiotics are penicillin, streptomycin, oxytetracycline, chlortetracycline, erythromycin, Gentamicin and so on(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan). But for many years, there are only more than 10 kinds that are most widely used, and these main culture media and their components are introduced separately(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). In addition to the factors of the explant itself, whether plant tissue culture can be successful, another important factor is the culture medium.

Therefore, it is necessary to gently shake the culture bottle before the ball wax is about to solidify(1 gallon plant pots). We do not understand the requirements of vegetable growth and development on ambient temperature. In order to prevent the culture medium from being contaminated by fungi, reduce the loss of culture materials, save manpower, material resources and time(7 gallon nursery pots), some antibiotics can be appropriately added(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan). 

In the rapid test-tube propagation of many plants(11 inch plastic plant pots), activated carbon is used to prevent plant tissues from excreting phenolic substances to prevent browning, which has a good effect on morphogenesis and organ formation(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan). At present, there are dozens of medium formulas that can be selected in plant tissue culture(15 gallon plant pots). There are many types of medium, and its composition directly affects the growth and development of explants.

In the process of rapid propagation(2 gallon plant pots), finally, we should strengthen the cultivation of new transgenic varieties by scientific research institutions, change the current situation of the lack of high-quality seedlings in China from many aspects, timely study the tissue culture and rapid propagation technology of some high-quality new varieties and strengthen the technical reserve(8 inch nursery pots), so as to transform the material research results into productivity as soon as possible(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan).

Many people believe that high temperature management has strong photosynthetic capacity, fast growth and high yield, resulting in flash seedlings, burning leaves and small fruits(plastic plant trays wholesale). In fact, different types of vegetables have different requirements for temperature. Even the common warm fruits and vegetables cultivated in greenhouse have upper limit requirements for temperature, generally 25 ~ 32 ℃(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan). The usual concentration is 50~200mgL(wholesale flower pot covers).

If the temperature is too high(nursery pots canada), it will inhibit the young fruit and produce fruit fault(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan); If the temperature is too high, the crop respiration is large, the body operation and physiological activities are disordered, the plant body grows excessively, the plant vine and reproductive growth are unbalanced, and the yield will decline instead(20 gallon plant pots).  The growth, development and life support of crops need a certain temperature range.

Do not understand the changes of temperature requirements in different growth stages of vegetables(plug trays wholesale). It is not clear that we can achieve the purpose of regulating vegetable growth and promoting the formation of vegetable product quality through the regulation of indoor temperature in the shed(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan). At the same time, it causes unnecessary loss of heat energy in the shed and affects the normal growth of vegetables(grow bags wholesale).

It is considered that as long as the temperature management of greenhouse vegetables is suitable for vegetable growth, it can not distinguish the temperature needs of greenhouse vegetables in different growth stages, so as to carry out subsection scientific management of temperature(10 gallon plant pots). The result is that the yield and quality are not high and the benefit is not good, and meet the international challenges and development opportunities after China's entry into WTO(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan). 

Semi hardy species include Chinese cabbage, radish, cabbage, pea, broad bean, Ma lingmu, lettuce, mustard and celery(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan). They like cold climate(plastic bonsai pots). In the management of temperature environment, pay attention to the ventilation or thermal insulation of the shed, and pay no attention to small details, such as cracks in building materials, damage of covers, cracks in doors and windows, etc., which will lead to heat loss in the facilities(plastic hanging baskets wholesale).

The most suitable temperature for growth and development is 17 ~ 20 ℃(cut flower sleeves), the maximum temperature is 20 ~ 30 ℃, and the minimum temperature is - 2 ~ 1 ℃(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers jordan). According to the requirements of vegetable growth on temperature conditions, it can usually be divided into five categories: one is cold resistant perennial, the other is cold resistant, the third is semi cold resistant, the fourth is thermophilic, and the fifth is heat resistant(3 gallon plant pots).

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