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Cheap Custom Grow Trays Manufacturers In China

It is widely cultivated in tropical regions of Asia and Africa(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), and the fruit tree has a life span of more than 70 years, and the cost of planting is not high. The place of production of mangosteen in Taiwan, China has a large area of mangosteen cultivation in Taiwan(plastic pots for plants online), because mangosteen is suitable for 25-35 degrees Development, but not higher than 40 degrees, above 40 degrees will cause death.

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Fujian mangosteen production place, mangosteen is grown in Longhai City, Mingxi County and other places in Fujian Province(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). The place of mangosteen production in Guangdong also has a large area of mangosteen cultivation in Guangdong, which is one of the main producing areas in China(plant pots manufacturers). In Yunnan, China, mangosteen has been introduced and planted, but large-scale planting has not stopped.

(cheap custom grow trays manufacturers in china)So, where is the main place of production of mangosteen in China? What are the high-yield cultivation methods? Let's take a look(2 gallon nursery pots bulk)! Mangosteen has a long life, but it is relatively slow to develop, and it usually takes 7-8 years to plant. I choose to grow seedlings, perhaps grafted seedlings can be planted(5 gallon plastic pots). The place where Yunnan mangosteen is produced. The top soil and bottom soil are placed separately.

Each planting hole was applied with 15 kg of rotten organic fertilizer(200 cell seed trays wholesale), 0.5 kg of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer and organic nutrient fertilizer Jiamei dividend 0.4 kg. When applying the base fertilizer, first fill the topsoil into the hole, then mix the organic fertilizer(plant growing pots), calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, Jiamei dividend and the bottom hole soil and mix evenly to form fertilizer soil for future use.(cheap custom grow trays manufacturers in china)

Planting time is generally from May to November, and it is better on a cloudy afternoon to avoid mangosteen seedlings from being sunburned(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). Before we plant the seedlings, remove the diseased insects' branches and leaves, and then cut off some excess leaves to avoid large evaporation and excessive water loss(half gallon nursery pots). First fill the mixed fertilizer into the hole to 40cm, then remove the seedling nutrition bag and put it in the hole.

The support sticks for seedlings do not need to be pulled out, and the seedlings are planted with the sticks to play the role of windproof(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). Then backfill the soil, and then drench the water with your feet. The row spacing of the planted mangosteen is generally 4m × 6m, and the planting density is about 28 per mu(half gallon container). The young tree in the first year is still in the dry season when it is alive, it is necessary to apply 800 times liquid Jiamei bonus once.

(cheap custom grow trays manufacturers in china)The flat land and soil fertility can be reduced to 22 plants / mu(6.35cm square grow pots). Mangosteen seedling development requires weak light conditions, otherwise it is easy to sunburn the branches and leaves, so it is necessary to stop the effective shading of the seedlings(germination tray). Piling around the mangosteen, and then fixing it on a square support with a shade net with a light transmittance (shading degree) of 90%, and building a square shade to block the sun.

When planting, planting mangosteen seedlings to cover its root zone can improve the survival rate(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). It is possible to cover the root zone with the iron maggots developed in the park, which can not only effectively maintain the soil moisture in the root zone, but also increase the soil organic matter in the root zone and inhibit the development of weeds(1 gallon plant pots). Generally cover from the trunk outwards to 30 cm within the drip line of the crown.(cheap custom grow trays manufacturers in china)

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