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Green Plastic Hanging Baskets Suppliers In China

However, if you want to plant high-yield long beans in the greenhouse(32 cell propagation trays wholesale), you can stop planting all the year round, or you can keep weak branches. Before planting, you can stop planting according to the climate temperature of different regions(20 gallon plant pot). Sowing in spring is generally from February to March, in summer from May to August, and in autumn from August to October.

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It is very popular with consumers in the market. In order to ensure the soil fertility, appropriate amount of fertilizer can be spread during the land preparation(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the whole plot, dig holes according to a certain distance, each hole can be sown with about 3-5 seeds, stop covering the soil after applying fertilizer around(50 cell plug trays), and pay attention that the fertilizer must not touch the seeds when applying fertilizer, so as to avoid burning the seeds, so as to reduce the seedling rate.(green plastic hanging baskets suppliers in china)

There are many people planting long beans at present(50 cell propagation trays wholesale). Dig deeper, spread the seeds into the soil, cover with a film, remove the film after the seeds germinate, water properly, pull out the seedlings when the seedlings grow to 5-6cm, just stop planting, if there is no rain after planting, stop watering in time, or the seedlings will die(tiny plastic plant pots). It is necessary to stop watering long beans before flowering, especially transplanting seedlings, so as to promote them to grow new roots again.

Then, the top dressing must be stopped in real time during the flowering period of the long beans(128 cell propagation trays wholesale), which is conducive to improving the pod setting rate of the beans, thus improving the yield of the beans. On the other hand, by controlling the top advantage of the stem(10 gallon plastic pots), the plant can sprout more fruiting lateral branches, and finally achieve the purpose of promoting fruit development, increasing yield and improving quality, so that the beans can not be picked all the time!

(green plastic hanging baskets suppliers in china)The lateral buds at the bottom of the plant were removed to promote the growth of the main branches(98 cell propagation trays wholesale), early flowering and podding, and to improve the ventilation and light transmittance at the base of the plant. It is necessary to stop picking the heart at the right time(large plastic terracotta plant pots). The important pests of the beans include pod borer, cowpea pod borer and so on. The incidence of the disease of the beans is relatively low, and the root rot occasionally occurs.

There are two ways to sow long beans: hole sowing and sowing(heavy duty plant pots). In the process of planting beans, if disease is found, it is necessary to stop the treatment in real time, and the targeted drugs can be selected as far as possible to stop the prevention and treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to control the water after the autumn shoots stop growing(trade gallon pot). The relationship between tree growth and fruit is regulated artificially, so that the flowers and fruits are full of branches.(green plastic hanging baskets suppliers in china)

At present, the land preparation is stopped after the planting land is selected(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). When the ice vegetables are growing more and more dense, we need to plant them in real time. In the third year, in the dry season, we use 800 times of liquid Kamei dividend to apply it twice, each time about 300ml per tree. The application amount of each plant is about 250ml, which can promote the development of young seedlings(small black plant pots). The pot is well prepared, and the ice vegetables are very skin and solid.

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