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Plastic hanging baskets UK

Hanging Baskets Wholesale UK, Factory Price, Free Samples, Fast Delivery! We are a professional plastic hanging baskets wholesale supplier with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, 35,000m² workshop area, serving customers worldwide!

We can ship hanging baskets to UK, such as England, Welsh, Scotland, Northern Ireland. We can also deliver hanging basket kits to major cities in the UK, such as London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool, Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Plymouth, Leeds etc.

ODM or OEM best hanging baskets UK

OEM or ODM is available. Color, shape, sizes and logo can be customized to meet your hanging baskets requirement. If you want your own Private Label, please send us the label or logo you want to print on the plastic hanging baskets, and we will proof for you.

Our hanging baskets are made of quality and strong polypropylene material. These artificial hanging baskets are reusable. You can use all year round hanging baskets for growing flowers, vegetables, herbs etc. You can use cheap plastic hanging baskets in the greenhouse, indoors and outdoors.

Hanging baskets for sale UK

We supply hanging baskets online with good quality and competitive prices. The more you buy, the less the cost. You can use our plastic hanging baskets for shrubs, perennial and tropical.

If you want to bulk buy hanging baskets UK, please contact vincentwilsongarden@gmail.com for free samples and the best offer! You also can click on our products: Plastic Hanging Baskets for more information!

What month is best to plant hanging baskets?

The best time is in spring. When soil and air temperatures are more consistent and warm enough to support healthy growth. You can purchase plants and grow them in early April through early May. Make sure to choose plants that will thrive in your climate zone.

Choose a location that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Fill the basket with a good quality potting mix, such as one with added compost or fertilizer for extra nutrients. Arranging plants around the outside and then filling in with more compact varieties toward the center. Water thoroughly after planting to help settle the soil and get your plants off to a good start.

Be sure to water your hanging basket frequently, especially during dry spells and hot weather. Fertilize regularly to help keep plants healthy and blooming throughout the season. Most hanging baskets will benefit from a balanced fertilizer applied every two weeks or so from late spring through early autumn. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy a beautiful display of flowers in your hanging baskets for many months.

For those wishing to extend their season, some plants can be planted in hanging baskets as late as mid-June. For these later plantings, look for heat-loving annuals such as angelonia, gomphrena or portulaca. Be sure to water regularly and provide plenty of fertilizer during the summer months if you go this route.

What can I do with hanging baskets in winter UK?

There are several ways to extend your hanging basket season in the winter months. One option is to move your baskets indoors. Place them in a sunny spot close to a window. Give them some artificial light from time to time if you can.

Make sure they are out of drafts and away from heating vents or other sources of excessive heat. With proper care, many plants will stay healthy when moved indoors for the winter – just don't forget to water!

Another way to keep your hanging baskets going into winter is by planting cold-tolerant flowers such as pansies, violas and snapdragons. These varieties can withstand temperatures down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6 Celsius). Just pay attention to the plants, as prolonged cold spells may cause them to weaken and become more susceptible to disease or pests.

Finally, if you can't bring your hanging baskets indoors or find suitable cold tolerant plants, you could try wrapping them in insulating material like burlap. This will trap heat radiating from the soil, keep temperatures slightly warmer, and protect plant roots from severe frost damage.

Be sure to take off the covers during thaws, so plants have access to light and air. With a little extra care, your outdoor hanging baskets don't have to take a winter break – just make sure you prepare for colder temperatures when they come!

Do I need to line a plastic hanging basket?

You generally do not need to line a plastic hanging basket. If you're worried about soil spillage onto the floor below, then simply use a saucer beneath the basket with drainage holes in it. This will allow excess water to escape without compromising the health of your plants.

Alternatively, you can use decorative liners in order to make your hanging basket look more attractive. However, these should be easily removable for cleaning purposes and should never prevent the required drainage.

In summary, it is not necessary to line a plastic hanging basket in order to keep your plants healthy and safe. With appropriate care and maintenance, you can enjoy a beautiful display without having to resort to lining.

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